We all have a handful of people that we can trust to talk to. Or maybe you are like me and it is just one or two people. It is hard to trust people sometimes. I always go with my gut and think can I trust this person? Either way, it is good to talk to someone about your feelings. It is also good to the listener.  As I said we all need someone to talk to and someone to listen to us.  I have one consistent listener for the past eleven months. It has helped to talk to someone about losing my Dad. I know my friends understand  but this person and we will call them B understands more. B has been great and I appreciate all of the advice and time I am given. My time is almost up with B but that is okay it served it’s purpose and soon I have to learn to be on my own with this.

My Dad is gone and the last stage of grieving is acceptance.   Yes, I have accepted he is gone. There is no going back and fixing anything. It is just marching on and feeling stronger every day. It is living my life and taking care for the living. It is knowing I can and I will.

It is time to concentrate on the future and putting the past behind me. It is time to focus on me. It is time for ME.  I am not being selfish I am just learning that being sad will not mend things and will not bring him back. It will not change anything.  It is up to me to look to the future and do something . To anyone that lost anyone live your life, do fun things, love your loved ones,  smile and laugh.  Of course you can grieve that is a part of the process but remember you are among the living and you need to live.

Now onto the next life lesson.