I think we need to have faith more than ever now. I think we need God and we need to pray and be as strong as we can.  I think this whole pandemic and this whole disaster God is telling us appreciate what you have and love each other. Spend time with your family. Spread kindness.  Do not forget about God. He is here . I have never been religious but since having my kids I have turned to God many times. I have faith and I believe that we will overcome this. What is going on now in the world is so messed up. I hate talking about. I want my blogs to be positive and happy a place my readers can come to and read to smile, and enjoy, even laugh. I want peace. It is such a simple word and yet so hard to accomplish.  If these people do not like MY AMERICA than leave. It is that simple. If you are miserable than leave do not destroy what you do not or appreciate. History cannot be changed. We learn as a nation and can only move forward in a more positive direction. We should not spread hate! What good is that? It is these agitators doing this. NOT the good citizens of this country.  Who do you think you are destroying what is not yours!  These good honest hard working people are mad and upset and have every right to be!  These unwelcome vile individuals have been spreading hate and violence. This does not give any peace to those that have died.  They are no longer here to enjoy life. I am sad and I am scared. I pray that my country gets back and fights back that the honest citizens overthrow these horrible people! What happened to UNITED we STAND??? I stand with my country. I love my country! I love our President and if you do not stand with me that is okay. BUT DO NOT stop me from saying what I have to say. God Bless America!!!!!  Now onto the next life lesson.