Month: June 2020

America, America, America!

It seems as if nothing is going right. The world is a mess! And you wonder what is the point? The point is you have to have faith. You have to keep going. No matter what no one can take away your faith in God or your human decency.  I did not grow up in a world like this. I feel sorry for all young people today. What is going on in this world? Why is there so much hatred? Why is there so much divide? I do not like this behavior. It is not acceptable to me.  I respect  the law. the police and the constitution. I have many friends who serve and protect. I have many friends who have served this country and fought for our freedom! Why do my children have to witness such ugliness.  I try not to watch to much of the news and they are going about their lives thankfully.  I do not watch fake news. I do not believe everything i am told. I do my homework. I explain to my daughters that not everyone is good or fair. I tell them to do the right thing and believe in our country. I worry about my children. I think we all do. I will not keep silent and not say what I think. I believe in our bill of rights and our constitution. I do not believe in destroying property or causing problems. People are taking out their anger on innocent people. People are fighting and destroying businesses because they feel like it. Since when is that okay? It is NOT okay to destroy someone’s life they have worked so hard to build.  I believe in the right to be heard but not to destroy. I hope you do too. This is about us our country,, our America! What do you want to do? Are you going to let others destroy you? I love this country and I am proud to be an American! I believe in free speech and the bill of rights. It seems others do not care. Do you care? Are you going to let this continue! I think the GOOD citizens of this country need to fight back and take this country back and not let it be destroyed by haters.  Let me know. Now onto the next life lesson.


Today I am going to write about the man upstairs, the big guy, the good lord or also known as God. We pray to him and we ask for all kinds of things. I have never been religious but I have always made time for God in some way while growing up.  As I got older I have had turned to him more and more. It has been a crazy year. I would not wish all of this on anyone.  God is good and he will get us through all of this. We are going to come out like champions! We are going to celebrate life and pay more attention to what is around us. We are going to learn to appreciate our family and our friends. We are going to look at nature again. This is Gods way of teaching us. His way of saying wake up! Those of us that have figured it out are thinking more positive.  What are your thoughts ? Do you believe in God? Are you having doubts? Do you feel mentally drained? Of course we all have felt that way. We must pray and have faith. God will get us through this. You have to believe and have faith. I am grateful for so many things.  There is nothing wrong with having faith and do not ever apologize for your beliefs. You have the right to believe what you want to believe.  I hope we start to feel united again very soon.  You may have different thoughts or feelings and that is okay and I respect that. I believe in our leader and that is as political as I will get. This is my blog, my stories, and thoughts. If you do not like than do not read it. I will continue my blog either way. Always have faith and always believe in God. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is going on in the world today?

Can someone just tell me what is going on in the world today? I wish I knew where all this craziness is coming from. I understand what happened to  Mr. Floyd but we should perhaps honor him peacefully and stop this madness. I do not think he would want that.  His family is asking for peace. It does not help to destroy businesses and kill cops you are just stooping to the level of what happened. What gives anyone the right to riot and ruin things that people have worked there whole lives to build . This is not about George this about trying to cause harm to others. What do you think our children think? What example are you setting?  Do not get me wrong I believe in protesting for a good cause it is our right BUT it is NOT our right to ruin someones dreams.  We have people that  come to this country with nothing and make something of themselves and then have it destroyed is just terrible. I cannot even imagine. We need to stand together and be on the same page. Whatever happened to United We Stand? What happened to patriotism? This is anger and these are people that are haters. I do not want haters in my country. I want dreamers, hard working people, and kindness.   I pray for all the people who have suffered. I hope that the Mayor and Governor of NY get their acts together. Haven’t we suffered enough? I moved out of NY almost twenty years ago. I was upset and heartbroken and now I am thanking my lucky stars.  Please spread peace and kindness. Now onto the next life lesson.


The world needs some healing. We need some peace. Peace is such a simple word but so hard to come by.  The innocent get punished while the criminals roam free. In what universe is that okay? That is not how I grew up. You committed a crime you got caught you went to prison.  There are some bad people in the world and they do bad things .  All that is going on it needs to STOP.  The agitators needs to stop these people are coordinating all of these events and they need to be punished. These events are NOT peaceful and the violence and the crime will not bring anyone back that has suffered from any violence.  Good will win over evil.  We have to have law and order. We need to get this violence stopped. We live in a great country and we need to honor it. By causing all of this hate it does not solve anything. Spread the word and stop the hate. All of these governors and mayors needs to get their act together. I do NOT ever get political but this has got to STOP. They are killing innocent people. This is not the America I want my kids to grow up in. Yes. I believe in the right to protest BUT NOT violence or looting or killing. This is NOT acceptable to me. Now onto the next life lesson.

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