I was trying to think of the perfect blog to write today and then it hit me. Write about parenthood. I think I know a few things about it. I have raised two beautiful daughters who are becoming very wise and independent young ladies. I am so proud of them. My youngest has some time to grow and learn they both do. However. time waits for no one. Today my oldest will sit for her senior pictures. Wow how did that happen? Yesterday, you were in pre school.  Nope we all get older and we all go through life with good time and bad . Hopefully. we learn from the bad times and even the good. Parenthood there is nothing like it. You do not get paid, you do not go through training. You just do it. You love your kids more than yourself and you stand by them no matter what. To all the new parents out there you will get through it.  You will see. There is nothing you cannot do and there is no manual. You just have to love them and teach them right from wrong. It sounds simple but it is a lot of work. There are no raises or promotions. Your rewards are the hugs and kisses along the way.  When they get older and thank you for what you have done you know you have done your job because you taught them right from wrong. So come in the water is great! Happy parenting! This blog is dedicated to Ms. P and Ali. In memory of Maude. Now onto the next life lesson.