I have story to share with you my readers. Yesterday, I was driving to pick up my daughter from camp. I started to talk out loud to God. I was saying my prayers. I was not in any danger I just wanted to talk to God. I also was talking out loud to my Dad. I asked them to take care of my family, watch over us and if possible please send me a sign all of this violence and bad stuff can end. Please send me a sign. I was stopped at a light and the car in front of me license at the bottom read  “In God we trust” It was then I knew my prayers would be answered. I knew that God was there at that moment listening to me.  Trust in God! I felt so good after that.  I encourage everyone to talk to God. He needs to hear from us.  Especially now during this crazy times.  We as a nation need to change what is going on. We need to get our country back and our values back. We need to heal and pray and ask God for help. I can tell you this that even though I am angry at all of this. I still talk to God and I have faith that we will come together. I am and always will be proud to be an American. We need to trust in our nation.  Are you sick of all of this hate and violence? Were you personally affected? How are you and your family dealing with all of this? I want to hear from my readers. Feel free to comment below. Now onto the next life lesson.