There comes a time when you realize something that you could not pin point right away and then suddenly you put  it all together. It is a moment that you finally figure something out. Maybe something from your childhood that you realized in adult hood.  Have you realized something big lately? What have you realized? What was your epiphany? I realized something big this morning. It came to me in the shower. I finally realized why something hurt so much. I can say it is a relief but is it a cure? No, it is not a cure. I know why in one way but need still need answers in other ways.  It is always WHY? I wish I had an answer.  Maybe someday but I doubt it.   I can tell you this I am hurt by it in many ways. It makes me sad to feel like this. All I can say is I finally figured out part one now I must figure out part two . It is not always easy.  I will not get into what it is I will only say it is hurtful and some may assume things. You know when YOU ASSUME .  It is not life threatening, it is not the end of the world. I am not a little kid anymore.  The pain never goes away. All I know is if you have ever felt like you cannot fix a situation you cannot control it weighs on you. It all stems from childhood. It has followed me like a shadow.  I will pray for healing and for anyone that needs it. Now onto the next life lesson.