Yes, we all love free things. But what is really free? Buy one get one? Stuff people leave at the curb? You would be surprised what people consider treasures.  What another person considers junk another thinks it is a treasure. What did you find that you fixed up and used that was free? What do you consider treasures? Do you go to garage sales? Do you go to crafts shows? I am sure those few and far between now.  I always hope for the best. When you find something you love you should treasure it. You may have brought it back to life. Who knows what we can find if we really look. Are you handy? What have you fixed up? We need to bring things back to life. We need to feel like we healing and moving forward. What helps you heal? What makes you feel peaceful? Some people simply pray or meditate. Others may re build something. Some may write a book or blog like me. Some may refurbish furniture. Whatever it is I hope it heals you . I hope it makes you calm.  Thank you for reading my blog and if you want please comment below. Now onto the next life lesson.