One thing we need to do as a nation is heal. We need to get rid of the anger and the fighting. Did we forget when we were once United? I guess we did. I have not. I am honored to be an American Woman.  We cannot be a house divided. Isn’t that what Abraham Lincoln said? We need to come together and stop this craziness. I know there are good citizens out there. I know we are not alone when I say I love my country and I will always be grateful that I am free because of the brave.  We need to pray more and we need to heal more. Think about it. Don’t you want peace? Don’t you want to heal as a nation? I will believe in us do you? I believe in the USA do you? We need to get back to being the Great country that we are! The citizens must UNITE!  Say that GOD is good. Say that you love your country! Say that you want to heal! I know I want all of those things but I am ONE person. I want more of you to say that you love America and you stand by it!!! Now onto the next life lesson