The daughter of a true patriot once said, “If you want something done right you do it yourself. ” It is a true statement I assure you. This is not all he said. He said many things. “If you want something in life you have to earn it.”  “You must get your tickets.” {That means your college degree}  She will never know if he was proud of her. He never told her that he was.  She did the best she could but it never seemed enough. He loved to put american flag stickers on his car.  He believed in our country but felt we were near a revolution and boy was he right.  What can we do? Now that is a very good question. We the People have to stand up and fight for what many brave men and women have done. We have to pray and remember God and find truth and justice in this mess.  Can we do it? I believe we can.  The Patriots daughter believes in God and faith. “We cannot lose faith and if we think we are we must talk to God.”  Please pray for our great nation. We love you God and America! Do not give up on us. We need to come together and be UNITED!  Raise our flags, protect ourselves, spread kindness and find peace. That is a lot to do but we can do it.  Why are these tasks so hard to do when they seem so simple?  The Patriots daughter is not finished she believes in God and has faith. How about you? Do you believe in faith? Are you talking to God? I want to hear from you. Now onto the next life lesson.

PS Not that the last you will hear from the Patriot’s Daughter