Let’ talk for a minute. I want to tell you a story. The other day I was talking to a woman who has been like a mother to be since I was twelve years old. We will call her the sweetest angel. Why is she the sweetest angel? It is because¬† that is how I see her. She always says things that I would never think of and right after I speak to her I feel like I was cleansed in some way. She gave me some very good advice. She told me it helps set aside some quiet time and make sure you incorporate it into your schedule. Stop and sit and take deep breaths and just pray. Talk to God and listen to the silence.¬† Do this every day she said. I did it for the first time yesterday. I did it briefly today but still more to come. I need that time to sit in quiet. What do you do to calm down? Do you pray? Do you stop, sit an breath? If you don’t I highly recommend it.¬† Whatever you do I hope you find time for quiet. I hope you sit and breath. If we all find time for this it will be a more peaceful world. Remember God is listening. He is teaching us patience. He is telling us to calm down. If we do then we have won. We need to unite and remain calm. In this crazy world we need him more than ever. Let me know your thoughts. Now onto the next life lesson.