I have always said go with your gut. Your instincts will never steer you wrong. If you have a bad feeling chances are you could be right.  Know who you can trust. If you feel you cannot trust some one do not confide in them. PLEASE do not air your dirty laundry on social media.  There is still that thing called privacy. I believe in it. I believe in keeping things quiet not everyone has to know everything. You are in charge of your life no one else and no one and I mean no one should tell you what to do.  I think the worst feeling in the world if someone you love betrays your trust. There is NO getting it back!! Not a chance there is no turning back from that. How would you feel if someone you loved betrayed you? How would you feel  I want to know. Has someone done that? Did you forgive them.  Honesty is always best. Do not hide things from the one you love. You should always be true to the one you love. What are your thoughts? Is that true? Do yo agree? Let me know. Now onto the next life lesson.