During these crazy times we cannot forget to count our blessings. We should always be grateful. I am grateful for my health. my family, and that I have a roof over my head.  I am grateful for fresh air, and food to eat. I am thankful for little things in life. How about you? What are you thankful for? How do you feel blessed each day? Do you count your blessings? Do you appreciate everything you have? One more thing to be grateful for is friendship. A real good friend who is honest and true is hard to come by. I do not need a million friends. I could only have  handful and be happy with that. What about you? Do you need a ton of friends? I feel no matter what if we can be grateful for just one thing we are already a head of the game. I do not need a parade of people. People come and go but real TRUE friends stick by you no matter what.  I wonder why some just go and never call or text again? Maybe they have moved on and feel they need to you leave you behind. I knew this one person we were friends for awhile and then all of the sudden I did not hear from them anymore. No calls, no texts, nothing. I sent two emails, texts and left a voice mail. I can take a hint. I just wish I knew why. I wish them well,  Hold onto the good ones. Hold onto the ones that make time for you. Know the difference between a true friend,  a fly by night, and a fair weather friend. I feel it is their problem if they abandon you. If they feel they do not want to be your friend than that is their decision. Nothing you can do about it.  Even though it hurts eventually it will go away and someone else will come along because everything happens for a reason. Continue being you and be the best you. Those who left are missing out on a really good friend.  If this person is reading this than you know who you are. (G) Now onto the next life lesson.