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Friday Book Promotion!

Today on my blog I will be promoting my new book titled The King’s and Queens of Aberdale High. It is a book about teen life in high school. Chloe Parker is the main character.  Here is a summary of what to expect:

The school may shut down if Brittany, Paige, Bethany, and Bailey don’t show up. Those are the Queens of the school.  Followed by the Kings Peter, Jake, Tommy, and Brandon. High school would not be the same with out them. Chloe Parker would not be the same without them.  Let’s not forget her best friend Tyler.  Senior year will be anything but boring for these teens.


I hope you liked my back of the book summary on my new book. I hope to have out within the coming weeks.  Thank you for joining me today and Happy Friday reading. Don’t forget to read my latest novel SOMEDAY.


Now onto the next life lesson.

Come backs and set backs

I think what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Who else thinks that is true? You should never give up in anything you want to pursue.  YOU are in charge of your life. No one else it is up to you if want to make it or break it. I know we all have set backs from time to time however, we also have come backs. Where we have the chance to come back stronger than ever, bigger than ever, and better than ever.  Do you have goals? Do you have inspirations? I read a quote that really touched my heart and it read Make your come backs stronger than your set backs. I thought it was brilliant. If we follow this we can do anything. YOU can do anything you put your mind to.  Set some goals maybe start with one a day and then two , three and so on. See what you can achieve. If you have any set backs remember make your come backs bigger.  Dream BIG and reach for the stars. What are your dreams? What do you want out of life? I have written a children’s book and a novel. I have another one coming out. I am not stopping any time soon. This is my dream and I will have a best seller one day. I have faith and I will do it. To those who don’t believe let’s see you do something. What have you done? “Let your mind think and your heart lead! ” Kathy  F.  Remember NOT to give up. Now onto the next life lesson.

God, Faith, and Prayer

I think all of those things go together. I believe in God, I have faith, and I do pray.  I also think everyday is a gift. Each day we wake up and we get to spend with the people we love.  To have the special things we have and to know that we have the gift of life. Never waste a precious moment, live life to the fullest, go for your dreams, always keep trying, never lose faith and thank God. God is so good, We need God more than ever right now. How do you feel each day? Do you wake up smiling? Do you realize every day is a gift? I pray for my family, friends and anyone that needs it. I believe in the power of prayer. If you live your life to the fullest you are doing it well. If you believe in God you know he is good. If you pray than you can ask for help. If you have faith you know it will all come together. When everything comes together and you are with the people you love then you know you are blessed. Now onto the next life lesson.

Blogs and Blogs and thank you!

I have done so many blogs and talked about so many things over the past two years. It has been a pleasure each morning sharing my thoughts and having my readers indulge in my blog. It means the world to me to know that you take out time to read my blog so today I am going to take the time out to thank my readers, I love your comments, your thoughts, and anything you have to say. I will never stop writing and I will always be honest with you. I will not get political or talk to much about politics. When you read my blog I want you to laugh, cry tears of joy, and just relax and enjoy what you read. A very special thank you to a very special reader and fan Theresa you are my biggest and greatest fan I enjoy your comments and I want to thank you especially for taking the time to comment. I want to reach out and say thank you to all. I want to welcome anyone that is new. If you are new can you comment below? If you have never commented can you just say hello? I would love to hear from my readers. Remember my book is coming out soon titled The King’s and Queens of Aberdale High.  Someday is on Amazon if you have not purchased it. I may have a contest soon. Keep your eyes peeled. Thank you again my readers. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you feel that anything is private anymore? I mean I see a lot of things shared on various social media.  People air out a lot of dirty laundry.  I think people need to separate private from posting What you post now could ruin you later. People that want to hire you will search and see what you have done. If you are partying like  a rock star and you post that you may not get the job you want. Now this all up to you. I am not telling anyone how to live their lives.  Social media can help you and it can also ruin you. You have to think before you post. NEVER threaten anyone or harass anyone. Keep it simple and clean.  You should not post anything you would not want your mom to see.  I see good posts and I see bad ones. Be careful and use good judgement.  Do NOT start argue with people. I think if people looked back and remembered all they learned in Kindergarten the world would be a better place. What are you thoughts? What do you post? I say my good mornings and always wish everyone well. I believe if someone needs a positive thought and I can be that person than why not.  Why not spread happiness and kindness. Why not set an example?  Remember to think before you post and try and separate private from posting. It is a lesson you will not forget. Now onto the next life lesson.

Music, Melodies, and Harmonies

What is music to you? Think about it very carefully.  In my opinion music helps us think. There are certain songs that bring back memories of the past. Music can calm us down. It can make us cry or laugh. It is something we all need more of. We need more music. It makes us relax and concentrate. For example certain songs put us in a mood. Maybe you are feeling romantic so you listen to a love song or maybe you feel like working out so you put on a song that helps you get into your exercising or perhaps you are going for a long drive than you listen to music you like to drive to. I know the perfect driving song Highway Run by Journey. There are so many types of music that make us feel good. The world needs less craziness and more music. So crank up the tunes and let’s dance. Let’s make music stand out. We can sing, dance, laugh and get crazy so what do you say? Are you with me? What are some songs that you like? Oh I should NOT forget to mention that the greatest guitarist just passed away. RIP Eddie Van Halen thanks for all the great songs.  Brings back a lot of memories watching MTV in it’s infancy. When it was great.  SO Rock on and be cool. Let the music take you home.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Generations and Traditions

Do you follow the traditions of your previous generations? Do you set new traditions with your family? What are some of your traditions? I remember as a kid we used to go to Cape Cod every summer. I loved Cape Cod. It was my peaceful place. The family was happy.  I used to take walks on the beach with my Mom. These are things I will never forget. I think it is important that we follow some traditions to keep the memories alive.  It is my favorite memory of my family. I even have a picture of me and my mom from one of our trips. In our family we go to Orlando for Thanksgiving.  Christmas we used to go to NY but it is way to cold.  I would rather be home in my pajamas opening up presents.  Have you set any traditions? We all have different ideas of how we should live our lives. We were all raised differently. I believe in God and family. I am raising my kids to do the same. I am old fashioned and I believe in discipline and respect for the elders.  You say please and thank you and you hold the door open for people.  Manners are everything. When you marry a good man thank his mom she raised him right.  Everything begins at home. It is our job to raise our kids. If you have a daughter thank her mom for raising a lovely young lady.  Follow those traditions and respect all your elders. They set the tone for you. Work hard and earn your way nothing will be handed to you. Love your family and keep the traditions and the memories alive. Now onto the next life lesson.


There is so much unrest to write about. I wonder where the goodness went. Where did the happiness go? This year has been a big mess.  It just won’t stop. And now a legend guitarist has left the earth. Eddie Van Halen. RIP legend. So much negativity and unfair treatment of our leader. Like him or not it has been unfair. Even if he gave someone a kidney they would criticize him. What is this world coming to? I am scared for my family. I am upset that they have to see this. They should not have to see this. BUT through all of this I remember I have faith. You cannot take away faith. Faith makes you stronger. God makes you stronger.  We cannot forget about God. We need to start to spread good news and celebrate life and remember the ones that fought for this country and still are. All the men and women who are on the front lines taking care of the sick.  We are ALL AMERICANS! We love GOD, our country, our flag and our civil liberties. We need to stand up and fight for what we have. We need to believe again. We need to back the BLUE! We need each other to come together. Where is the unity? God help US . I believe and I have faith. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Rules

We all have rules in place whether they are rules at school or the laws that we follow we all have rules so that we have order in our country and in our individual states. Now I know there are ridiculous rules on the books from the 1800’s. I am not sure they would still make sense. What about you do you follow the rules? Are you one to break the rules? At times there are some cases where rules are made to be broken. Maybe an a emergency or in the case of true love. Yes, I am a fan of romance. But seriously, rules are around for our protection. I am a rule follower how about you? Not everyone follows the rules. It does not mean they are bad people they just need to know the rules. If they are causing problems than they need to be dealt with. How do you feel about rules? Are you a rule follower? Let me know what you think. Now onto the next life lesson.

Good Sportsmanship

Whatever happened to good sportsmanship?  What happened to playing by the rules? I wonder where it went? Is it gone? Will it be back? Will we ever shake hands again or hug? This year has been awful and that is an understatement.  I pray every day for good things to come.   I want to see people shake hands and hug. I want to see people laughing again. I want to see life again. I want to see acts of kindness on ALL over the news. I want to see the GOOD in people. I am grateful because where I live I do see goodness. I want to see it everywhere. I want my country back! I want to see sports on TV without a political agenda.  What I want is not hard or impossible. We can pull together and help each other.  I want to see ALL stand for the flag. Where did that go? Helping someone on the opposite team get up, helping if someone is hurt regardless of the team. Congratulating the winner and saying “Good game.” Until then I will not be watching sports. I will read more, gain more knowledge, talk to God, and my family. I will be the one making a difference, I will be a good sport how about you? Will you follow in my footsteps? Will you lead and not follow. Will you help bring America back? I am on TEAM AMERICA, how about you? Now onto the next life lesson.

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