I have not written a letter to Santa since I was a little girl. I miss my family Christmas’s sometimes. I look back to when things were simple. I was just a little girl and my parents took care of me. We were all together. I loved Christmas morning opening up all my presents and laughing and talking. One of the few times no one was fighting. My Mom and Dad were still alive. Now I am the mom and I want my girls to have great Christmas’s and be healthy and always have a roof over their heads. I want nothing but the best for my kids. I love my family more than anything in this world.  I hope God is listening to my prayers and then he and Santa know how much them all.  I know life is not always easy. I have faith I hope that is enough. If you are listening God please hear my prayers. Sometimes I wish life was as magical as a Christmas movie. I think I need a Christmas Angel.  Now onto the next life lesson.