I do not think it is Christmas when you should do nice things. I think people should do nice things all year round. What do you think? Do you give back? Do you donate money or your time? Have you ever volunteered?  It feels really good to give back. I donated some of my girls old coats that did not fit them to a woman who is going to find some girls that need them. I hope they keep them warm. I love giving back to people. Have you ever stood on a line and paid for the person behind you? Have you ever done something that made your heart sing? It is really simple all you have to do is do something good and it will spread like wildfire. People love to hear about good deeds and giving back.  I used to volunteer at my daughters school when she was little. I was the room mom. I miss those days. How about you? What have you done to give back? Maybe you haven’t yet and maybe this blog inspired you. I hope so. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.