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Are you ready for the holidays?

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you prepared for them? Are you continuing with your traditions? Will you be with family? I hope that you are not alone. It is important during the holidays or any time to be with friends and family. No one should be alone.  Either way it is good to have company. I think I am ready for the holidays. I am ready to wrap the presents and think about what to serve for Christmas dinner. I have always loved Christmas. My mom loved Christmas. She used to love t decorate. I have fond memories of Christmas as a little girl. It is not about the presents. It is about being together and spending time as a family.  It is about celebrating life. I know my girls love Christmas.  Sometimes the holidays are hard when loved ones are no longer here.  They are always with you in your heart. I miss my Dad terribly. We used to go up to NY for Christmas. It has been awhile. It is way to cold. I would like to pay my respects to him soon. I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. Now onto the next life lesson.

It’s your behavior

It is about your behavior and how you act. If you act like a fool you will be perceived as a fo0l. If you are kind and thoughtful you will be thought of as kind and thoughtful.  People act in all different ways some are sneaky, some are devious.  Scientists and doctors have studied behavior for decades.

   In the 19 century Cesar Lombroso had a theory that you could tell    a criminal from a non criminal through the persons facial features.  He was known as the father of criminology. It is all about how you act. Some people lie, while others are honest. How could you live with yourself if you lie all the time? No one would believe you after awhile.

Our behavior is so important it is what makes us who we are. Many of us need jobs to support our family and ourselves. If we do not have experience or we do not have good behavior chances are we will not get that  job.  Behavior can change for the good and for the worse.  It all depends on us. 

People do not understand that racism is about behavior it is has nothing to with the color of your skin or your religion it is how you act and how others perceive you. Good people know good people. If you are a good person than others will see as a good person. If you cause problems and commit crimes you will pay the price. Look around you and understand that behavior is all around us.  It is so important to understand behavior. Why people act the way they do.  Why people do bad things.

The environment effects behavior. If you live in a bad area there will be more crime because of the people around you and their behavior. If you live in a nice area  and are around good people there is still always a chance but the bad behavior will not be tolerated by good citizens. Always think before you speak and surround yourself with good people.  If you have extra time volunteer to help your community. Stay on the right side of law and work hard. Your good behavior and hard work will pay off. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Plan is for who?

If you have children with special needs than you know how it feels to be in the hot seat. Every year in the school you have an IEP meeting. If you are familiar with it than you know what it means. Individual Educational Plan.  This is designed to help your child and their education.

NO offense but I disagree. It is really a way for the school to protect themselves. If it is was really an individual plan it would be written so that we can understand and so it really helped our kids.

Parents if you do not educate yourselves and you let the school dictate what your kid does shame on you! You really need to take time to do your homework and PS ONLY YOU know what is best for you child. If you feel like you are being blindsided speak UP! You need to be your child’s voice and eventually if possible they need to be their own.

Every time I  sit through these inside my head I am screaming Really?. NO,  Are you kidding? WHAT!! I am going to be honest.  I feel like the whole situation is controlled by the school. I do not feel like anything really gets accomplished. If you do not speak up and challenge them than you should.  I will say this  every once in awhile you get a teacher that will help you fight for your kids and that understands. Listen to the ones that talk to you like a person and not like a scripted government worker.

Remember YOU are in charge of your kid.  It is not to say they are all bad but do not let them tell you what is best for your child, do not accept everything they tell you there is always a choice for your kid that works. How do you feel about these meetings ? I admit they have gotten better since we moved to a different area.  Do NOT let anyone tell you what is best. Remember they are only with your child in school you are with them the rest of your life.

It is not really team it is them. it is really YOU against them. I do not mean to sound cynical this is what I feel like until i did my homework, hired an advocate, and expressed my thoughts on my child. Have you been through this? How do you feel ? There are books that you can buy that help you they are Writs law. Go ahead do your homework. Good luck on your future meetings and remember Mom knows what is best. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Holidays

How do you spend your holidays? Do you spend it with family and friends? Do you have big gatherings? What a world we live in when the government tries to tell us how we can assemble. I think it is terrible. I hope everyone is using common sense and celebrating how they want. I hope that prayers are answered, people are smiling, and everyone’s belly is full.  Holidays can be sad and we think about those that are no longer here.  To some it might make it tough to celebrate. We should be grateful for who is here and enjoy life. It does not mean we have forgotten about those we love. It just means we are enjoying today. Enjoy each other and always have faith. God is good and he is listening.  I hope that Santa brings gifts for all the boys and girls and that Hanukah Harry does too.  Be kind and remember to spread kindness. Now onto the next life lesson.

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