Soon within hours it will be a brand new year no more 2020. I think a lot of people are happy about that. I know I am. I hope and I pray that the new year brings good things to all. I hope and pray things get better in this crazy world. What are your thoughts? I want to hear from you. Are you expecting better things to come? If you think positive it will be positive. It has been a very emotional year. I would never want to repeat 2020. I think everything will be just fine. I have lots of prayers out there. I hope all of your prayers are answered to. What are your thoughts about the new year? Are you praying for better times again? Did you make a resolution or do you set goals? I like to set goals. I have been reading more and working on my next novel. I see some people have purchased my current one. I have been working hard on advertising that. What are your goals? I hope you set realistic ones. I hope you achieve all of your goals. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the the next life lesson.