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Mind, Body,and soul

Take your time and think. Just take a minute and collect your thoughts. How do you feel right now? Did you meditate today? How about exercise? If you said, Yes then you feel great. You should because you put time into your mind and your body. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to feel good about us. Take a chance and each day take time out to exercise, meditate or both. If you have a friend to walk with do it. It clears your mind,body,and soul. It makes YOU be the best you. It makes you feel happy and then everyone around you is happy. Surround yourself with good and happy people. Do not surround yourself with negativity. Take the high road in life you might be surprised where it will lead you. Be good to yourself. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is your Mood?

What puts you in a good mood? What are the things that make you smile? Is it going on vacation, a certain someone, a smile from someone, a surprise in the mail? What could make someone so happy they just do not stop smiling? I guess it could be anything. What about what makes us mad? Getting into an argument, getting fired from a job, our kids fighting, and just a lot of negativity can bring on a lot of stress. Stress is a very big factor in everyone’s life. What do you do you do to de stress? What makes you calm? How can we make ourselves less stressed? I think we have to not sweat the small stuff but easier said then done. I think we have a lot of responsibilities and that is what causes the stress. What makes you upset? Maybe someone yelled at you or hurt your feelings. maybe you are being bullied, maybe someone died that you loved. Many factors contribute to our moods each day. We could be in a really good mood or we can be really upset. It all depends on us. By us I mean every single one of us. We have to decide each day how it is going to start out. Are we going to have a positive attitude? Are we going to think positive? It is up to us. I want to hear from you how do you start your day? What makes you smile?

Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Saying Thank you

Do you know how important it is to say thank you? Do you know how nice it is for someone to take the time to say thank you or send a thank you note? Thank you are two words that show you appreciate what someone has done for you. Do you say thank you? Do you send thank you notes? I remember when I was a little girl my mother bought me stationary to write letters on and thank you notes. When I got a present from someone I sent them a thank you note. When they got their note they always called me to tell me how thoughtful it was. Years later I tell my girls to send thank you notes or call the person. It does not have to be both.

When you get older and go on interviews you always should send a thank you note. It lets the person know you appreciate their time. I sent a thank you note once and soon after I got the job I noticed it on the person’s desk. They said it was the nicest thing any candidate has ever done for them. I still know the person to this day. Letters, thank you notes, and cards make connections with people. It is nice to know that you took the extra step to write a thank you note. Thank you for reading my blog.

Now onto the next life lesson.

Thank you for your service

I want to thank all those who served. You took a huge risk for our freedom. You were drafted or you volunteered your life for your country. You made sacrifices you learned to fight. I admire all of that. Whether you were in combat or not you still did something to become a better person. You put others before you. You made us safe again. I am also writing this blog to personally thank someone again for spending the time with me so that I could learn about his experience. Thank you C. You are who you are because of what you became. You went in as a boy and you came out as a man. You put in your time and you sacrificed for this country and it’s people. You did something incredible and admirable. I should have said this in my other blog. I learned a lot from what you said. You gave me great insight. You made me think. Today I dedicate this blog to you and everyone that has served past. present, and future.

C you are a wonderful friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you and our country.

Now onto the next life lesson.

An ol friend

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing an ol friend about his life in the military. I am trying to gather information for my next book titled the Patriot’s Daughter. It was really great catching up with him. We will call him C. C was so good to talk to. I hope I asked good questions. He did not have a lot to say but enough to start me off. Either way there is nothing greater than catching up with someone you have not seen in ages. It is amazing what social media can do. It is both good and bad. I have found old friends and advertised my book. It has been useful but the best part is finding those friends from childhood. Maybe not the best part of my life but that is okay that part is over and we are all grown up now. Let our kids be the kids. So, thank you ol friend and let’s catch up again soon. Thank you fore reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Destiny, Faith, and Hope

What is your destiny? What do you think you are meant to do? Do you have faith? Do you have hope? Do you believe in God? Do you pray? I think we know our destiny deep down. I think most people have faith and hope. What do you believe in? Are you religious? Are you skeptical of religion? What is your story? How do you keep the faith? I believe in all three. The first thing is to have a positive attitude. If you are positive than people want to be around you are. I think it is important to always have faith. Believe in God and have peace. Peace is so hard to come by yet such a simple word. Don’t you agree? Do you have peace?/ If you have all three of these in your life you are very lucky.

Many people out there that are depressed and have no one to talk to. I think that is sad. I think mental health is so important. Everyone should have the opportunity to talk to someone. Anxiety and depression are real. If you can get help.

Find your inner peace. your destiny and do not ever give up. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


When you love someone you love them with your whole heart. When you are with them you are only with them. When they are not with you, you are thinking of them. You love all the things about them. You can always feel their love. You know they love you with all their whole heart. Sometimes love can hurt. Other times it is wonderful. You are blessed to have each other. You date, get engaged, and get married. You have children and you make a family. You love each other so much. You love your children and the life that you and the one you love have created. It only comes around once in a lifetime if you are lucky enough to find your soulmate you are luckiest person in the world. You have peace and comfort. You have faith and hope. You have many blessings in your home. Love is strong and love is blind. Find your true love and hold onto that person. Now onto the next life lesson.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my Dad would have been 87 years young! It will be two years at the end of this month. I am still sad and I miss him. He was a difficult man but I still loved him. I wish he was here to skype with my kids. I wish I could say one more thing to him. I wish I could hug him one last time. I could say that all day but the fact remains he is gone. At times it is hard to believe he is gone. He was such a big presence in my life. He was stubborn and always had to have his own way. He worked hard and he made something of himself. He retired at the age of 59. He had a wonderful sense of humor. At times he made me laugh and other he made me cry. He was my Dad I loved him. This is you Dad Happy Birthday in Heaven! “Don’t forget. Ah you forgot already.” Just something he used to say. I love you Dad! Now onto the next life lesson.

What if?

Have you ever wondered what if? Of course we all have. But what if is not always what should be? If it was it would not be what if. Have you ever thought what would life be like if I .. I do not like to wonder that but sometimes I do. I just know what is should be. I know that everything happens for a reason. I know life works in mysterious ways sometimes. I know that life is what is is and what if. I cannot look back I have to look ahead. Would you go back in time if you could? If you change one thing than everything could change. Since we cannot go back in time we will just live in the present and live for the future. Love who we love and do the things we do. The past is the past and the present is a gift and the future is our destiny. Do you ever wonder? Are you happy? Do you like how things turned out for you? Appreciate what you have and love who you are. There is only one you. Love that YOU. Life is a gift. Live it and love it. Now onto the next life lesson.

Dr. Seuss

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. His real name is Theodore Giesel. He made us laugh and spend time with our children reading his classic books. I used to read the Cat in the Hat all the time as a kid. I read it to my kids and I hope they read it to their kids. He died in 1991. Would you believe our President wants to ban him from the reading list? Seriously. What a Grinch? We have so many more pressing issues in this world. How could this happen? I hope his books sales soar and go through the roof now. I hope every person buys a Dr. Seuss book today. This is America and so many kids love Dr. Seuss. He was not harmful to anyone he was kind and creative. He wanted to make children laugh and enjoy reading. Keep reading Dr. Seuss and keep learning from him and his books. DO NOT EVER STOP LEARNING! Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

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