In our lives we have to learn to have patience. We have to learn to wait. It is not an easy task. Everyone who has waited for anything for a long time knows. What were waiting for? Was it health related? News of a relative birth of a baby? No matter if it is good news or bad we have all had to wait. It is the most agonizing situation to go through. Maybe you were just waiting on a long line at Disney World. If it were as simple as that you are a very lucky individual. I have had to wait for test results when I was pregnant and I never prayed so hard in my life. All those sleepless nights tossing and turning and not knowing. I do not think I could do that again. I did because I had faith in God and whatever the turn out I had his strength and my family right beside me. With the power of prayer everything turned out fine. I am forever grateful and blessed. We only get one life and we need to cherish every moment and live life to the fullest with patience and kindness and love. Everyone needs love and patience. Do you have patience? Do you have love in your life? What do you pray for? Have you talked to God? It is okay if you haven’t . I talk to God everyday. I pray for all of you my readers and my family and friends. Think about the next time you need to wait. God is listening. Your prayers will be answered. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.