Do you have to have the latest style? Do you have to have the latest fashion in your closet? Do you have to have the most prestigious car? What happens if you do not keep up with the latest in everything? Do you really want to know? My guess would be nothing if you live in the real world. Of course we all like nice things but do we really need all of that stuff? Why do we need it? I admit I like nice things but I do not need the latest of everything. If I like it and it is reasonable than I buy it. I prefer to spend my money on other things besides the latest of whatever is in style. I do have a purse fetish however, I do use every single purse I own. I take care of my things and they last long. They are all in good condition and are well taken care of. I am a simple person who does like nice things but it may not be what you like. After all we all have different taste and likes and dislikes . We earn our money and we should spend our money the way we want. What do you like to buy? Do you have expensive taste? Do you like certain things? I bet you do. What do you spend your hard earned money on? If you work hard and you save you should spend your money the way yo want to after all you earned it. People do spend their money on strange things at times but who am I to judge. If it makes you happy and it is safe and honest than go for it. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.