Have you ever thought I wish I had not said that? Have you ever thought I wish I could take it back? Of course we have we have all been there. Maybe the other person thinks you do not want to talk to them. Maybe you make the first move and say let’s work this out. How good was the friendship? Were you close for a long time? Did you always make it through hard times? Are you a forgiving person? We have all had arguments and sometimes they last a long time and others times they get worked out. What if you had a close friend and you had a falling out and you did not speak for a long time? Eventually, anger does die down and things will work itself out. What if they don’t ? Than you wonder how strong the friendship really was. We all make mistakes but should we be punished forever? Maybe the argument was so bad it can’t be worked out. I think that is a real shame especially when you know the person a long time. Families fight and never speak again and then the person passes on and you wish you could tell them you were sorry. Some of us are stubborn and have to be tough and right all the time. Some of others are exhausted from trying to please others. We all have faults and no one is perfect. Make sure if you never speak you really stop and think about the friendship. Ask yourself do the good times outweigh the bad? Was this person a good listener? Were they always there for you? Did they ever disappoint you? Did you ever disappoint them? It is a two way street and if you hold a grudge and never speak to the person you better be sure it is worth it. You will no longer be in their life or share fun times or be a part of their future. Ask yourself is it worth it? I do not know your circumstances and I do know life is short and you just do not know what tomorrow brings. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.