Today I have a story and I am going to tell it. I was at a party with my daughter. The host seemed rather cold and preoccupied. I understood because when you have a party you have to entertain people. This woman and her husband were having a party for their daughter. I was offered some food. I accepted and chose what I wanted between the two. I sat and observed all of the kids having fun. My daughter was having fun after all that is the most important thing for her to have fun. I had gone inside a few times and stood in the bathroom. I was very uncomfortable. No one really said anything to me. I felt invisible. I walked out and sat outside to enjoy the sunshine when suddenly I noticed someone I knew. She sat near me and then another and things seem to pick up. We will call them the D’s . I do not know if they knew how I felt but either way it got better. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I did not want to say anything but I never got my food. I was embarrassed and I felt like the host or hostess should have asked if everyone was set . Everyone is different and I just accepted it. As the party was ending we gathered our stuff as said,” thank you to the hostess. I will never forget how delicious my invisible cheeseburger was. I went home and we went to dinner. I felt a whole lot better after I ate. What would you do ? Would you have said something? I think in this world you should speak up but then again I do not know these people and did not want to make anyone feel bad. I felt bad enough. Sorry but I did. I could not believe that not one adult approached me to introduce themselves. I know how that feels so I would not have done that. How would you feel? I know how I felt. It is now over and we can move on. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.