I can honestly say that this past month has been a whirlwind. I feel like I have so many balls I need to keep up in the air. I feel anxious, afraid, and happy all at the same time. No matter where I turn there it is another dose of stress or change around the corner. Do you feel like this? As a Mom I am getting ready for my oldest to graduate. My youngest to start her second year of middle school . I need to adjust to the new routine the new phase of what is next. There is so much ugly in the world. What is happening to people and what are they thinking? When will it end? We will finally come together? I need a plan and a road map of what to do next. My life is changing and it is all good in the end. I guess it is just so many things going on at once. I feel like I barely have time to write. I love to write that is my passion. I need my passion. I need my faith and my hopes and my dreams. I need God everyday to tell me it will all be okay. I know things will calm down they always do. I just feel like everything is hanging over my head. I do not like that feeling. I want peace. Stay with me and guide me help me ground myself. I want the next steps to be toward a good goal and a future that is promising and hopeful. The world is so full of hate and barriers. I want to go and be free and feel peace. Is that so hard? Are you stressed? Are you at peace? What is your next step? Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.