When you apologize you had better mean it. They are not just words. You had better not keep doing the same thing over and over. Your behavior must change. You must think before you act. Some people will never change they will keep up the same behavior. They will put you down and make you feel you are nothing. When you try and explain things and they do not listen it is because they are afraid of the truth. They only no one thing and that is to be a BULLY and a verbal abuser. A show of hands who wants to be around that? The words I am sorry are not just words they are feeling knowing that you did wrong and you will not repeat your behavior if you keep on doing it you were never sorry and things will not change. When you get so sad that all you want to do is cry than being around that person is not healthy. The behavior is not healthy. They need to get healthy. It is sad and NO ONE deserves treatment like that. If someone is treating you like that it is time to change your life. Will they ever change? I doubt it. It is up to you. Be brave and make a change. Now onto the next life lesson.