What is your path? Where do you want to go? I was listening to a graduation speech and the person said something that made so much sense if your path does not have obstacles it is probably the wrong path. It is true we all need to learn from things in order to be better and brighter. As we grow and learn in life we hopefully do not make the same mistakes. We move on and we hope that the future holds many dreams. We want all of our dreams to come true. We believe in ourselves. The people that love us believe in us. We start at the bottom and work our way up we climb the ladder and when we get to the top we look around and take it all in and we say I did one day at at time, one goal at a time, and one mistake and achievement at a time. We all want to be successful. Success has many different faces. There is no one picture of success. Every one has the opportunity to be successful. In these trying times it teaches us to become more brave, more determined, and more vigilant. We must always stand up and find the right path. Are you on the right path? Do you feel positive? Do you feel good about yourself and the path you have chosen? Go ahead take a chance take that journey. You will fail but you will succeed. You will fall but you will get up. Stay focused and take a chance on life. It is your life you only get one make the most of it. Now onto the next life lesson.