Are you obsessed with perfection? Do you want everything to be perfect all the time? Are you a routine oriented person? I am very routine oriented. I like to know what my schedule is each day. I like to cross things off my list. I like to know that I have been productive. However, at times that is a problem because I do not know how to unplug or relax without thinking if something goes wrong. I am a fixer and I like to things to be right. I do not like bad news or change. I just want to live life in peace. A very simple word just something very hard to come by. Why do you suppose that is? I wish I knew. I know that all I can do is my best. I do the best I can every day. I take care of my family. I try and be a good friend and neighbor. I just wish I could relax more. My mind is always going a million miles a minute. I have been praying for this one thing for a long time and I just need God to answer my prayers. I hope he does. I do not like anything hanging over my head. I get uptight and nervous. How do you feel each day? How do you cope and get through your days? I would love to know. Maybe you can help others. People say you cannot dwell over things you cannot control easier said than done. Anxiety is very real and it is hurts. Trust in God and keep praying. God is so good. Now onto the next life lesson.