How many friends do you have? How many people do you trust? How many people are in your circle? Is it a big circle? A small circle? Do you trust easily? Do you have a lot of friends? Do friends come and go? Do you have the same friends that you have had for years? Some of us are fortunate enough to have those friends. Others are not as lucky. I believe we have the people in our lives for a reason. They are here to guide us and to help us through our every day adventures. Good friends are very hard to come by. Hold onto those good ones. When you least expect it the friendship is gone. If that is the case than maybe it was just not meant to be. It is sad and unfortunate but life goes on. I believe in strong friendships , talking things out and working together to make friendships better. Not everyone agrees. We do not have to agree we can still be friends. If not that is okay life goes on and if it is meant to be than you will work it out. Maybe some prayer and with God’s help you can mend things. I pray you do if that is what you want. Hang in there life is good. Now onto the next life lesson.