How many times do you ask yourself why? Why did this happen? Why is he or she treating me like this? Why ? It is a very powerful word. We do not always know the answers but yet we keep asking the question. We always want to know why. It will always be a part of our lives. Maybe if we had more answers than questions we would have less whys. There are a million reasons why things happen. We just have to accept just one. That is it. Sometimes things cannot be explained and other times other people are in control of the whys. Why can’t we get along? Why can’t we be friends? All questions that get asked a million times a day. Can you imagine if there was no WHY? There has to be a Why, Who, What, a Where, and a When. We need these words to answer the most important questions of our lives. Sometimes things hang over our heads and that is never a good thing. People get wrapped up in things and let that take over their daily thoughts. Things race through your mind and you just cannot stop it. It is easy to say you cannot get angry at things you cannot control. It is not easy I know because I worry all the time and I cannot stop worrying. I need to feel at peace and I do not know if I can. I feel like I am always climbing the steepest mountain, with no breaths ore breaks. I feel pressure and you want to know WHY. It is due to many different things Waiting to hear about news is the worst WHY because you want answers you want to know what is next. I believe in God and God knows why and sometimes he can only explain the unexplained. He will always give you strength when you least expect it. Talk to God and pray. Or just talk and let him know what is going on. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.