What is happening to this country? How did it become such a mess? Today I saw the coffins being carried out of the plane from Afghanistan and I just cried. The ones that sacrificed the most are being brought home in coffins when they should be in the arms of loves ones. They were sons, daughters, husbands. wives. uncles and aunts. I pray every day for our nation. I pray that we find solutions and soon. This country needs god more than ever. We all need to get on our hands and knees and pray this nation recovers from this mess. If we all pray we will get answers. We will get though this. We are strong and we will come together and come out on top we always do. We need God and faith to do this.

I believe that everything will be okay and we will come out of this mess. There are way to many things to be upset about but we choose how can be. We can be happy and proud to be Americans. I am proud and so should you be. I want to hear from you and see what you think about everything. Now onto the next life lesson.