Are you at peace with yourself? Can you put you head on the pillow at night and be at peace? Are we ever really at peace? What makes you more calm? What can you eliminate in your life that can make you less stressed? A different job. a new relationship, or just something simple like taking a walk. A walk can really clear your mind. You get exercise and you are outside . There are so many people out there who are suffering from stress and anxiety searching for answers. Maybe you need to change your diet or the way that you live. Maybe you need to read more books and spend less time watching TV or on your phone. I can tell you I have taken some steps into finding peace. I am no longer on social media, I pray more, I spend more time reading books. I feel pretty good. Everyone needs an out something that they can do that they enjoy. What do you enjoy ? What can you do to change your life and make it better? I hope you find your peace. Now onto the next life lesson.