Do you forgive easily? Do you hold a grudge or just forget? Do you continue to punish someone for a mistake they made? Do you preach forgiveness? Do you practice what you preach? What if you are one of those people that just does not care. What if you had a big argument with someone and you knew the person most of your life and to this day you are still not speaking. What would you do? Would you reach out? Even though you know they really do not care. You are both living your lives like you always have but the one person you thought you could count on never spoke to you again. How would you feel? Especially since you reached out and never heard back. What kind of person is that? Were they ever really your friend? Are they that heartless and cold? The answer is they just want to be mean and not care. They do not forgive or forget. What was this person to you? Were they family? Were you close? Were you the best of friends? All of the above?

Here is my personal observation: The person will never talk to you again or forgive you. Why do you ask? They just do not care enough to do anything about it. They are more proud of being mean than being a real friend. They are more proud of showing their grudge streak than anything else. They will think of more ways to be the biggest B than anything else. This is where their energy goes to. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone like that? Would you? People make mistakes all the time. People take things out of context all the time. Mature adults work things out and move on. The way to talk to someone is in person NOT through email or texting. If you cannot do it in person than do it over the phone. NEVER through texting. There are so many things you wish you could say but you realize is it worth it? Is it really worth it? I believe in God and prayer. I believe that things happen for a reason. If someone cannot forgive or work things out in a mature way than they were never your real friend to begin with. If they made you feel uncomfortable and upset and brought negative energy than they are not your friend.

A real friend is someone who listens. cares. NEVER judges you and you can ALWAYS talk things out. A person who just concentrates on not caring or not making any effort is NOT worth it. Why is it that they get to make that call? Why is that they should just forgive you why not forgive them? Maybe you realized a few things about that person that was once in your life. You should surround yourself with people that care about YOU, that accept you for you. If that circle is very small than good for you. The smaller the better. YOU do NOT need anyone being your BULLY or your criticizer. You deserve a friend that treats you right. Good people are out there. Maybe they just do not know how they really are or maybe they do and just don’t care. Either way. please live your life and be happy. Now onto the next life lesson.