Are you a good person? Are you honest? Do you know good people? Of course you do because good people know good people. The same goes for bad people. They are definitely connected and not in a good way. I believe good people have good values, they believe in God, and they are honest and fair. What do you think? Do you agree? People are going to behave the way they do because of how they were raised. I compliment all of the mothers out there that have raised their kids well. I commend fathers to however, most of the time it is the mom that raises the kids. How were you raised? What are your beliefs? How do you feel about certain things? Do you feel it is important to be honest? Would you lie rather than face the truth? NO matter what you should always tell the truth. You feel so much better and you will walk around knowing you do the right thing. You could sleep at night and live your life. How many good people do you know? I also find that good people tend to find better jobs and better themselves. Remember that wonderful teacher oh she moved on. She went to a better school for more money or remember that doctor he retired or moved to a different practice? Good people want to avoid drama and conflict they want to have goodness in their lives just like any other good person. Are you a good person? Do you know good people? I think somewhere deep inside anyone there is some good they just lost it a long the way. My advice to you stay away from the drama. and the confrontations and any other negativity. Please stay away from negative people or people that bring you down. We have all had those types where we finally see the light and they are out of our lives. How do you feel ? Do you feel good today? Are you a good person? Did you help someone today? Did you pay it forward? Now onto the next life lesson.