Have you ever wished for a second chance? Have you ever said I just wish I could have one more chance? Of course you have. No what the circumstances were we all wish for a second chance. A do over would be nice too. I guess that is the same thing. Either way, we always wish we could take back our words or wished we said something else or wished we knew what was wrong so we can fix it. If I stood in front of an audience and said, Who would like a second chance I bet every hand would be raised. I bet we all wish we could have a second chance at a job interview or a second chance to explain to a friend. We all wish we could but it is not always in the cards. We can wish as hard as we can it does not mean it will come true. Sometimes if we pray things get better. Sometimes we get second chances that we may not realize at the time but it is a second chance.

I would love so many second chances. I wish I could pick as many as I want but life does not work like that. They say if you want something bad enough you can make it happen. What do you want? What do you hope to accomplish? I hope that whatever you hope to accomplish it that you do it. I hope that you set your mind to something and it gets done. I pray for everyone. I pray that you find your peace. Now onto the next life lesson.