Sometimes when things happen we get very upset . Especially when the people we thought we can count on hurt us the most. Whether it is professional or personal it still stings. People are funny. They do things that do not make sense or they do things just to fit in. For example I left social media it was my own choice. Out of everyone I know on there two people reached out to me. Now I do not expect a parade or a party in my honor but those two people made me feel good that they actually noticed that I am no longer saying my Good mornings. I am not there to start their day. It does not have to be a mob of people. Life is choices and what you do is YOUR choice. People should NEVER influence what you say or do. We should just dust ourselves off and keep marching on. Life goes on and they will go on their path and you go on yours. My mother used to say if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you ? Of course not I do not want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to do what I want to.

People I do not know sacrificed for my freedom and I will honor them by standing by my ground and what I believe. If you do not want to be my friend or work for me than that is fine with me. I am loyal and I am honest. I can put my head on my pillow and sleep at night. We all choose our paths and sometimes we run into obstacles, scrupulous people, and other bad things. I choose the good and I chose God. I choose prayer. I will try and not let anything ruin my happiness or comfort. Of course things happen and we get hurt but all in all the good out weigh the bad.

Sometimes things happen but I believe everything happens for a reason. Some we can explain and some we cannot. As they in life sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. Now onto the next life lesson.