Have you ever gotten a love letter? Have you ever heard of a great love story? Have you ever found old love letters? I think we have forgotten how to communicate. I think we are so consumed by electronics and other things that we have gotten away from real love stories. You hear people say back in the good ol days. I would love to hear a real genuine love story of two people who wrote to each other and found their way to each other. Does anyone know of a good love story? There is so much garbage out there so many negative things that we are just so jaded. I do not know about you but I am tired of bad news. I want to hear positive news.

Where are the lovers and the heroes? Where are the men fighting for their woman? Where are the love stories? I want someone to comment in my post about a positive story or a love story. I want to hear some good news. If you read this blog I want everyone to do an act of kindness or tell me a love story. Let’s spread some good cheer and good news. Happiness needs to take over the darkness. I know you have it in you now lets get it done.

I will always pray for my family and my country. Be the best YOU!

Now onto the next life lesson.