Yes, Parents matter! We chose to have children and raise them. This is America and our voice matters! I see people taking a stand and I am so proud of those Patriotic Parents. I am proud that some one is standing up. I remember fighting for my daughter and her education. No one was held ACCOUNTABLE! My favorite word now so many parents are realizing what i was fighting for. People need to stand up and fight for what is right. All of these people saying terrible things about this country are not patriots they are UN AMERICAN! If you hate it so much find some where better and as the kids used to say I double dog dare you. I am the daughter of a true patriot and I am glad that he raised me how he did. Believe in your country, work hard, and fight for your freedom . God bless the ones fighting. Keep on making a difference. Believe in your kids and if the people of the education world are fighting you that means they have something to hide. Your kids come first keep up the good work Patriots!!!

Now onto the next life lesson.