More than you know people can hurt with their words. Even the people that you love. You cannot take them back . It is is you said that is it. It is not only what you say it is how you say it. I am not saying hold back from speaking the truth but try and remember who you are talking to and remember if you love them watch your words. Watch your tone and they way you say things. There is nothing wrong with being honest I admire that however, there is something wrong with being cruel and saying something to someone in a way that stings. It is a constant sting. It never goes away the words keep being said and no matter what they never leave your mind, It is not only physical abuse but verbal abuse hurts to. There is nothing funny about a sad face. There is nothing funny about hurting someone.

If you love someone show them and tell them treat them with kindness and remember to speak with kindness. Now onto the next life lesson.