What is going in with people all over the world? Has everyone lost their mind? There is so much division and hatred. This is not my America. What caused all of this. This is not how I grew up? What happened to honor and respect? Where is the truth and the honesty? Where are the facts? Have you lost faith? I miss the 80’s and how I grew up. I miss the good ol days. I miss the friends I had when I was little and the times I had as a kid. I miss my parents. I feel sorry for the future generations. I wish for everyone to have a happy childhood. It seems like gloom and doom are everywhere. We need peace and good people.

The people that witnessed the most horror in their lifetime are the ones that appreciate the best. What era did you grow up? No matter when you grow up you should appreciate the good times and thank God every day for each day you get to live.

Now onto the next life lesson.