Who do you know that is amazing! Who do you know that touches your heart and soul? There are so many good people out there but how many are truly amazing! We could all use some one amazing in our lives. We may ask ourselves what we did we do to deserve this amazing person? God chose us to have them in our lives.

There all are kinds of people in this world some are good, and some are not so good. The people in our lives are in there for a reason. None of us learn the same and none of us are perfect. We all are special in our own way. How are you special? Who is in your life that is AMAZING? I can say I have a few amazing people in my life that I am blessed to know. Some of these people have helped me through difficult times. I appreciate everyone that has helped in my life. Who has helped you? Who has listened and not judged you? Who in your life has been a good influence? If you have more than five people in your life that are AMAZING and have helped you than you more than blessed.

I see everyday heroes looking out for one another, I see kindness and appreciation. I see all kinds of things that make people AMAZING!

Of course, there are exceptions however, we should focus on the positive. Don’t you think so? Let me know what you think. I want to hear from you. Now onto the next life lesson.