If you have faith, you have everything. If you believe in God and prayer, you are on the right track. What do you believe? Do you have faith? Do you listen to God when you pray? What is about faith that makes us strong? It is the belief that everything will work out. It is having the power to know it will be okay. There is nothing stronger that God or faith. Faith will always win! God is good and all you have to do it take deep breaths, know that everything will be okay and be brave. Life is short make every moment count take time out for self-care and to talk to God. You do not even have to pray you can just talk he will listen.

Times are so crazy right now it is time for change and the people need to stand up and we are, and I am proud, are you? Are you proud to be an American? Thank you, veterans, and fellow patriots for our freedom. Let us be free and proud! God bless America! Now onto the next life lesson