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ONE true friend

We have all had friends come and go in our lives. Some move on to other friends and others just move away. Sometimes we keep in touch and some are just  a memory. If you are lucky enough to have the same friends throughout your life you are one lucky person.  I have gone to many different schools some were great while others I would like to forget.  We can have a ton of acquaintances but only ONE true friend.  That ONE friend who is always there for you even if you are not in the mood or just feeling blah that day. They never judge you or sentence you they just simply accept you.   You do not ask for much except for an ear on occasion or a get together where you just sit and laugh. You listen to one another and have respect for each other.  I am lucky enough to have that friend.  She is my rock, my therapist, my sidekick, my voice of reason, and of course my assistant to any wacky plan I have ever had.  We have had  over thirty years of on going cries, laughs, misunderstood stories, you name it.  We have been through it all. I would not trade our friendship for anything in the world. It is more valuable than winning the lottery.  So thank you my best friend for all the years,  ears, and laughs. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Real Truth

In every situation or scenario there are facts. There are also different sides to the story. Some where in between the fluff is always the real truth.  We can talk and we explain what happened but we see things at different angles.  How we see things is how we may see our truth.  If you know what happened or has been happening you will tell your side of the story.  When all sides are spoken a decision will be made. There is that one person who does not want the truth to come out and they go out of their way to hide. Eventually. they are found out and the real truth will be told. This is a good thing because usually Karma is waiting and when it strikes it hits hard. The truth no matter how bad or how ugly will always set you free there are some exceptions. I know the truth will come out and when it does I will watch the guilty get their punishment and the good ones get the happiness they deserve. It is only a matter of time before victory is upon us.  Now onto the next life lesson

Tug of War

Sometimes I feel like  I am being pulled in many directions for different reasons.  It is not always easy.  When things going wrong you feel like you  to fix everything at once. There you have it you are pulled forward, backward and to the side and unless you have incredible balance either you are going to fall forward or backward.  We all stumble from time to time but we always get right back up and face whatever comes our way. If we are lucky we have small victories and we celebrate and breathe. Phew we dodged a bullet or thank god that could have been worse. We learn from our past mistakes. I say past because we have put them behind us and we have moved on. The tug of war is over and we are still standing because we got through the tough time. Maybe we had help, or had others stand by us Either way the struggle was real and now  its in the past with all of the mistakes. No matter what we have our strength and we not ever give up or fall and not get back up. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Whisperer

At times we need a sign. Yes, that’s right a sign not a road sign “the sign” The sign that sends us a message it will all work out. Maybe it is in the form of a random situation with a hidden message or maybe it was a sign from above like lights flickering or a cardinal in a tree. Either way we all need one in our lives. It is nice to know that someone is watching over us or talking to us in some form.  Maybe it is a whisperer someone who sends us a little whisper only we can hear. We realize at that given moment just what to do.  I like those signs and that whisperer. I believe in that. I hope that whenever I need some guidance that I get a sign or a whisperer. We just need to believe. I know I do do you? Maybe you need to see it maybe you are a person of science. That’s okay. I believe that we all have a whisperer we just have to tune in that’s all. Remember all you have to do is believe. Now onto the next life lesson.

Having Faith

I honestly believe good things come to those who wait. I have been waiting and nothing. I do not see anything except roadblocks in my way. I wish I could stop the roadblocks. I am smart enough to know that things happen out of my control. I need to stop the worry but that is the hardest part. I was talking to a friend yesterday who said she had  gotten some advice about worry. I think it went something like this you are either worrying to soon or to late maybe just stop worrying. I like that advice if only I could follow it.  I always seem to have the worry train and the stress train coming at me. I try to be positive and spread kindness. I want others to be happy too.  I also got advice to start putting me first. That was hard for me but maybe someone somewhere was trying to tell me something. I do not have much that is just for me except my upcoming book SOMEDAY and this blog. I hope that people are reading this and know that I love what I do and can relate to my blogs.  I am excited for what lies ahead and maybe good things are coming I just have to get through the roadblocks and be patient. I know I have been but I think a little more is needed.  Maybe being patient, going around the roadblocks next time will lead to good things around the corner. I do not have a crystal ball but I do have faith. Now onto the next life lesson.


Today I am going to write about Courage.  I am writing about courage because I have some. I want to spread it around. I want people to gain courage to do the right thing. I want people to have courage to fight for what they believe. I needed courage  yesterday for a school meeting.  At first I thought it did not go well  and then I asked myself two things : Was I heard? Did I have courage? The answer is yes to both. I know that even though the leader of the classroom is not the right person and put on quite a performance I know I did the right thing. I was representing my daughter and stating what I believe. I know I was right and I know I was there representing all Moms who have not had the courage to speak.  You will find it I promise. One of the team Mom’s has taught me a lot how to say things and how to explain things. I can say I have taught the other Mom how to be brave and have courage.  I know we are a strong team! Fight for what is right and what you believe. The courage is always there you just have to look for it within yourself. Now onto the next life lesson.

Judgement Day

For years I have always tried to do my best. I have never really been great at anything. I did not have the confidence I needed and sometimes I gave up to soon. I needed encouragement and advice and someone to look up to.  Growing up I did not have that. It was hard and even though I was smiling on the outside I was screaming on the inside.  Fortunately, along the way I found people that believed in me and suddenly I had what I needed.  Today I need every ounce of confidence and power possible.  I need to be the voice for my child. I have mentioned how I am one of two other other moms taking on the people of education.  We are being faced with a teacher that is not doing their job.  This teacher is not a good fit for this position. I know it and many others know it.  Am I scared? Yes and I have to be strong for my kid today. Why is everything a fight when it comes to the school?  Where are the other voices ? We should have more than the three of us.  We should be able to fill up a room.  So today is I call judgement day. I feel like i am taking on the world. I am prepared and I am ready.  I have to do this and I know I have people behind me.  I will be judged and that is okay because I know I can put my head on the pillow at night and know I did the right thing.  How can someone deceive so many? Remember my last blog no one goes through life unscathed.  We need power, we need god and we need prayer! God is stronger than anything! I believe in God and I know I will get through! Fight for what you need and believe. Now onto the next life lesson.

The narrator and the observer

I consider myself an observer and I say that because I see many things. I see people talking, driving, working, listening,  and on their phones. I see how people act and react. I can read people. I guess it is a gift. Sometimes I am the narrator and I am telling what I am seeing but is not my version it is their version of the story. I feel like I can determine the outcome.  Here is what I see most : How young people treat other. How people and the people involved do not see what I can see. Why is that? Is it because they are in denial or they choose not to see it? I see the 3’s become 2’s and sometimes become the ONE! The one that is left out is the one with the story with the one who saw it all from my angle. The one who saw the light and still the one who stands alone.  While the other two are caught up in their world.  I see the two and I wonder why one of the two doesn’t see how they are really treated. It is the same story generation after generation.  Some friendships stand the test of time while others fade away. What about the ONE? Do they move on or are they scarred?  Out of the three there is one manipulator, one follower, and of course the odd one out.  I hope that someday all those that control and manipulate see their day when they are  the ONE . It is not often anyone leaves the earth unscathed.  We do not want wish it BUT we want it.   If you are that ONE move on and find your passion and your dreams do not let the past stand in your way. Unblock those roadblocks ! Your day will come when you are the one that people will come to and that true friends see you for you who are. Avoid the drama, the roadblocks, and anyone standing in your way. Be who you are and stand for YOU! Now onto the next life lesson.


What is your passion? What are you passionate about? Are you an artist, a dancer a writer?  Well, I love to paint, draw and best of all write. I think I was born with a pen in my hand. I have all of these ideas that I am so passionate about .  I could not imagine not sharing my ideas or thoughts. I am so grateful I have the freedom to do that. I read a lot and at times I find my self shaking my head at the stupidity and ignorance out there.  I love the creative side of writing I love to imagine the characters and the places in my mind. I often compare the book to the movie .( Book is always better I am not bias or anything ) Either way we all have all creative side some of us are passionate about it others well they pretend they do not have or they simply do not know.  Either way I enjoy my writing and I hope you do to.  I hope  that someday you find your passion.  After all you could be missing out on a lot.  Now onto the next life lesson..

What’s your part?

What is your role? What do you do? Who says who you are? Where do you go? Who are your friends? I do not want a medal or sympathy I just want to be heard and I want people to know how it feels when you do not know your part? What is my part? Where do I fit in? Questions I have asked myself my whole life? I feel lost and alone. Sometimes I have a part and other times I am not even an extra.  You all have your friends your people and your roles. I am still looking for mine. I know I have family and for now I guess that is my role. I need something for me an identity and a life outside. Whenever you find that role I hope you are feeling that you fit in or belong. I hope you are comfortable and feel welcome.  Even in my forties I have not found my fit in group.  How is it all of these people have an instant connection and they fit in and they are the “IT group” What is their secret? Is there something I have missed all of these years?  What makes us fit in?   What is the role ? I guess I missed that bus.  Auditions must have been closed. All of the  IT people have been cast and ACCEPTED!  It is all that I ask I just want that feeling of acceptance and security.  I am the odd woman out . I am the one that stands alone.  The people walked passed you and pay you no mind.  They walk by and I see them and think oh that is the IT group.  I still stand alone and the scars still run deep and I wonder if they heal.   The invisible girl that is now the invisible woman stands alone.  Where is ACCEPTANCE? I wish  I knew. Someday I guess. Now onto the next life lesson

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