Today I am going to write about Courage.  I am writing about courage because I have some. I want to spread it around. I want people to gain courage to do the right thing. I want people to have courage to fight for what they believe. I needed courage  yesterday for a school meeting.  At first I thought it did not go well  and then I asked myself two things : Was I heard? Did I have courage? The answer is yes to both. I know that even though the leader of the classroom is not the right person and put on quite a performance I know I did the right thing. I was representing my daughter and stating what I believe. I know I was right and I know I was there representing all Moms who have not had the courage to speak.  You will find it I promise. One of the team Mom’s has taught me a lot how to say things and how to explain things. I can say I have taught the other Mom how to be brave and have courage.  I know we are a strong team! Fight for what is right and what you believe. The courage is always there you just have to look for it within yourself. Now onto the next life lesson.