I remember my mom and her friend who use to take her daughter and me into NYC  to see Broadway shows. My mother loved Broadway. I remember all the people dressed up and the crowded streets and siting in those velvet seats waiting for the stars to come out . We used to go into the city on Saturdays. I sat through many performances.  The singing, dancing, and the costumes simply brought so much excitement and fun to the Saturdays that we used go. She would tell me we needed to look our best. This meant to wear a pretty dress, matching shoes, and a purse if necessary. My mom loved to wear make up and get dressed up. She always looked so beautiful.  We used to go with her friend we will call J and her daughter we will call K.  We saw the greatest shows and we all enjoyed them. We went to see 42nd Street, Peter Pan, Annie, and a few others I cannot recall. I think Annie was my favorite. I think we had just missed the original Annie Andrea McCardle.  It was Alison Smith.  She was fantastic.  I remember as a kid loving  these shows. I enjoyed spending time with my mom.  We didn’t have to do anything except spend time together. Then when a local theater opened up in our area we started to go there to see the shows and they were just as amazing as Broadway because the stars were from the movies and the stage.  I remember seeing Fiddler on the Roof with Theodore Bikel, and The Sound of Music with Farley Granger.  I actually met them both they were very nice.  This was the mother daughter bonding time I cannot get back it was one of the happiest memories I have of her and I. Oh and how can I forget the annual trip to Lincoln Center to see the Nutcracker.  Now that was by far the BEST! I loved those times we were happy.  The ballet was breathtaking! There is nothing else like it. It was true ballet and the real thing. You cannot get any better than NYC when it comes to the talent, the shows, the food, and the culture.  I wish I could freeze time back then and just stay with her going from show to show. I think they are right they say NYC there isn’t any other place like it. Now onto the next life lesson.