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Heroes and Villains

At some point in our lives we come across good people and bad people.  Some are worthy of greatness and others are just not worthy. Those are the villains. These are the ones that caused us pain and suffering.  The good news we break free from the villains and for the next time we keep an eye out for the heroes. Fortunately, we know more heroes than villains. It sounds like a comic strip but it is not is a metaphor for who we look up to and who we regret. We are stronger than we think and we are people just looking for someone to look up to.  We could look up to our parents, a teacher. a best friend.  We may get stronger after our experience with the villains but still we do not need their negativity and doubt. So go ahead find your hero if you have not already. I bet your hero is an amazing person just like you. Do you know why? The reason is you know who the heroes are and you will stick with them Now onto the next life lesson.


Were you lucky enough to marry your true soul mate?  Did you know they were the one? Was it love at first sight? Did you meet by accident? What is your story? I love hearing how people met and fell in love.  Now a days people hook up online. To me that is boring I like chance. I am  a big fan of fate and being meant to be.  It is like the first time you see each other you have this look in your eyes. Maybe you are with a friend and you whisper “That is who I am going to marry”  There are so many things you look back on when you first meet someone. You remember what you ate or what you wore. Maybe it was your lucky outfit.  Times have changed and people hide to much behind their phones. I like more personal relations like meeting face to face. Maybe that man held the door open for you maybe he just smiled at you at a coffee shop . I like those chance meetings.  Maybe I am old soul and that is okay I like the old ways in some cases it make things a little more personal and fun. If you have married your true love than I am happy for you. If you haven’t met yet you will just take  a chance and you might be at the right place at the right time.  This is love we are talking about make it count. Go for it, take a chance! If you see the girl or guy of your dreams smile and say hello you never know what can happen.  Let nature take its course. You will find the one SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY is one day. True love is in the air I just know it.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Go ahead Make a wish!

You often wonder if wishes come true. When it is your birthday you make a wish, have an eyelash on your face, or when you see a shooting star. I hope they do for all of you. Wishes are granted I believe it. We all just need to believe. If we believe with everything you have inside I bet it comes true. If not keep wishing and don’t ever tell your wish otherwise it won’t come true. Maybe the wish fairy is backed up on wishes.  She will find your wish and one day it will come true. Go ahead make a wish! Now onto the next life lesson

Have you walked a mile in my shoes?

Yes, I am different in some ways I have always sensed that maybe others have too. That would explain a great deal.  I have two daughters who are on the spectrum. They learn differently and I think people see that. People have their own views and that is their prerogative. Here are my thoughts you cannot know what it is like unless you have been in my shoes.  When you have walked a mile or more in my shoes that by all means you are an expert. You are not an expert and you do not know.  Even though you see things doesn’t mean you know.  I know people mean well but please and I say this in the nicest way possible Mind your own business.  If you really want to know then let’s switch for a month you can be me and I will be you.  How does that sound?  I didn’t think so. Everyone wants their kid to be perfect,  gifted, and popular.  Mine are who they are and I would not change one hair on their heads.  If I sound angry it is because I am a little upset. I am sick and tired of people butting in.  Unless you are supporting us BUTT OUT!!  Worry about your life and your family. My shoes are tight and feel like I have them on the wrong feet. I feel awkward and uncomfortable.  I mind my own business because I do not like people butting into mine. Where is it written we have to do things at a certain time? Where I want to know?  If their mind is ready they know when they are ready. You are not in their shoes you do not know.  Sometimes we just need the gift of time. Where is the fire for all these things we have to do?  You have no idea what it is like raising a child with special needs even thought they seem to function main stream to you they do not. Why don’t you join me on my annual meetings at the school and feel like a target or punching bag come on now its fun really? You seem to have an awful lot to contribute so let’s go! Yeah, I did not think so.  Why don’t you deal with them when they are  frustrated and  can’t express what they want to tell you.  How about when they cry because they are hurt because people are so cruel.  So unless you are ready to step in step off.  Because you do not know a thing!  You have know idea what it is like to suffer internally. Things never came to easy to me.  I had to fight for everything for myself and them. So from the bottom of my heart mind your own business because you have no idea what it is like to wear or walk in my shoes.  Now onto the next life lesson.

These are the songs

Music is such an important part of our lives. It reaches us on so many levels. It brings up memories and makes us happy. There are so many great artists out there who touch our souls with their thoughts and emotions through music. The songs they sing the way they sing them.  We listen and we hear the words we have favorites.  Then we  have the songs that get stuck in our heads. The eras of music  we love are the songs we love and remember. We choose these songs as part of our lives. We use them for our wedding songs or graduation or any other special occasion. Music makes us feel good in the moment. It makes our hearts sing as we dance to every beat.   How about when the music  stops do we still  hear the song in our head? What happens after the music?  We think about certain songs and we play them in our minds and remember good times and sad times.  We think of that special someone when we hear that certain song. Maybe they are in our lives or maybe not.  There are so many songs out there that makes us think of our past or present.  Art and music go hand in hand. We use our creative side with the art and the music plays along.  Let the music play on. Let us create the art within the music.  Sing today, listen tomorrow the music will always continue to play as long we listen with our souls. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Followers and the leaders

You have known them your whole life. They are the people that follow because they  are scared to do anything else on their own. Of course there are the people that lead. Followers are to scared to question so they go a long with it. If you ask me that is stressful.  Who is ever themselves? Who has the guts to do that?  I still see followers and leaders even as an adult. In high school it was more prevalent. Now people do it at their jobs or with friends. People are afraid of not fitting in.  Some have to be hocked up with debt to have the fancy car and the fancy house.  Sure we all want to live in a safe neighborhood but we do not need to be in debt up to our eyeballs. I admire the ONE that does their own thing marches to their own drum.  They are their own person. They are not a leader or a follower they are just them.  Kids are most vulnerable. I see it with my daughter she is not a follower but slowly becoming a leader she is coming into her own person and I like that. She wants to do good in the world and spread kindness.  This is what we need more of in the world. We need more people that think for themselves and want to help. Where are the helpers, the unique ones.   I find the ones that follow are the most insecure and the ones that lead just have more guts they just do it because others are scared not to. They just got that role.  It is easy to follow but can you really lead?  Everyone should have a friend no one should stand alone. It is so hard to be accepted.  Why is that? Why is it we have to through such turmoil to feel like a part of something?  Ask yourself this are you a leader or a follower? What is your role in your life? What do you want? Can you be accepted by being yourself? Those all good questions and they tough questions.  In history we have had many great leaders none really born into leadership but they earned it.   We talk about the great ones. Will we talk about you one day? Now onto the next life lesson.


There will be a someday for all of us. Someday we will meet our soul mate.  Someday will be find  happiness. It is true all of those things will happen if they have not already. When will you find your soul mate? I think it happens  when you least expect it.  You have to live your life and find your happiness. You have to let it happen.  Maybe we have seen our soul mates walk passed us down the street, or perhaps we knew them when we were kids.  We all have a soulmate somewhere. There is someone for everyone. Someday will be one day.  Someday we will leave this earth and I hope our lives were fulfilled with happiness and greatness. How will people remember you? I hope to be remembered as a good soul, a great mom, a good wife, and a great author. Someday is coming and our soul mates will be here if not already.  There is only one great love of your life.  It could be past or present but soul mates you just know when you meet them.  There is a someday for all of us.  Let someday be one day for you. (SOMEDAY coming soon) Now onto the next life lesson.


Nothing or no one is perfect. That is a fact. It is true nothing is perfect. Everything and everyone has its flaws.  It may be perfect for you but not to someone else and that’s okay. Life is supposed to be filled with imperfections.  This is how we learn.  We learn from our mistakes and from that we gain knowledge and make things better but not perfect.  We have all these things around us to make things easier they are called conveniences. They are at our finger tips but still not perfect. If you are looking for perfect you will be looking a along time because nothing is 100% or guaranteed. This is life we live it to the fullest and make the most of everything. It is okay if you are not perfect. People should love you and accept you for all that you are.  If they do not than they are not worthy of your time or friendship.  Tell them to get on the next bus and find someone who they approve of and that is perfect . It will be a very long bus ride.  In life we have to roll with the punches, adapt to change, figure it out, but at the same time we need love and acceptance because without that we are empty.  I don’t know where perfect is and I do not care because to me my life is filled with all the things I need  even though it is not perfect. Now onto the next life lesson

Earth’s Angel

We all have one it is a fact. We all have that one person who has all those wonderful characteristics and reminds us they are one true angel.  They are selfless and kind, they always put others first. When something happens to them we get very emotional.  We ask why them? Especially, when they have been through so much.  They need to be strong for everyone else but who is strong for them? Now they do not deserve this and I wonder why they are handed this plan in life. It seems so unfair that or angels have to endear such heartache.  They need to know they are loved by all and know we are by their side no matter how far away we are. Our earth angels need us as much as we need them. After all they are our angels and they always look out for the ones they love, Keep fighting my angel and know we stand with you always.  This blog is dedicated to my daughter’s god mother Darlene, our earth angel. Now onto the next life lesson

What if?

We ask ourselves that all the time. That one question that sometimes sneaks up on us when we are going through a difficult time. What if I had done this ? What if I said that? We can ask that til we are blue in the face. We will not have an answer and do you know why? Because it was meant to be something else or someone else. How about we say I am glad we did, or it was meant to be.  We are always left wondering probably because we had no closure. I like closure and in some cases I have not gotten it. I can dwell on it but because I have a life  I have to move forward even though I sometimes get stuck in the past and there is that question again “What if?” We are not supposed to know . I believe everything happens for a reason .  I think fate does step in  but i think most things are up to us. We need to know that we made the right decision at the time.  We can say if only or what if but we have to think about what is.  We are human and we are curious.  It is natural to want to know the different scenarios that could have been. They do it in the movies all the time.  This real life and we need to carry on and not look back and know we made the right choice for the right reason.  Life is short make the most of it and make new decisions that carry you forward. Now onto the next life lesson

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