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Angels, signs and the heavens above

Yesterday, I wrote about if there was an afterlife. I talked about the beyond and thinking about people no longer with us. Well, I will tell you this funny story. I’ve been a little stressed lately and I have been praying for all kinds of things and one of the things I sometimes say is show me a sign. Well, it just so happens the other day I was driving and there was a man holding a sign that read Jesus Loves you! So, I guess god has a sense of humor and was saying it is okay things will bet better. I smiled at the sign and inside my head I said,”thank you” It put a smile on my face and made me believe again that things will turn around. Let things happens and relax about it. It is hard though I am such a planner, and I like to know what is happening and the unknown scares me . I think I am passed that I feel things are getting better after all I had my sign and now I just have to believe in it.  So thank you angels above and for the people here on earth that love me.  To anyone that does not believe maybe you need a sign. Now onto the next life lesson

After life

Is there life after death? Is there a spirit world? I think there is always someone watching over us. I believe in angels and things happening for a reason We could see something that makes us think of our loved one no longer here or perhaps they can appear in our dream. Maybe they are sending a message they are at peace. I think there is a saying if you see a cardinal that someone is watching over you. I believe in prayer and signs from beyond. I think even angels have a sense of humor.  At the time we may not realize it but when we do we put it altogether and say. “Oh, that was Mom. Dad, or Grandma sending us a message.  People are skeptical and some need actual proof. I know in my heart they are all around us in some way. Who knows it could be like the movies when they are right next to us and sending us a message only we know. It is all nice to think they are always around us. I know they are in our hearts.  So before you doubt there is life beyond just take an extra look around you never know what you might feel in the air.  Now onto the next life lesson.

What’s your happy place?

Where can you go and just be you? Where is your happy place? What place have you discovered in your life that is your happy place? It could be anywhere in the world. Where can you go and relax? Where can you go and just be you? Maybe you want to be your favorite character from a book that you have read. Maybe you want to meet someone special or maybe you have met them in your happy place. Maybe that is why it is your happy place.  I am simple I like quiet and I like to be by myself. I was never like it but I just feel I do not fit in with to many people. I have always felt different and out of place.  Except there was once where I felt like I fit in it was at college. Maybe that was one of my happy places. You can have more than one.  I love writing as you know. I guess that is my other happy place I can slip into a character and live through them for a few hours.  In the time that I am writing and thinking and using my imagination I am not being judged or out of place.  I also love the beach with no crowds just me on a beach chair writing or reading. It is not beach weather it is about 50 degrees and I have a blanket and my laptop that is all I need. I am happy at the my place in my world.  This is how I feel it may not be how you feel and that is okay. I am not unhappy I just prefer my family or solitude.  Once in awhile a visit from a true friend.  All I need is  my home and my family. This is my peace and happy place. Now onto the next life lesson.

Summer Fun

Well it is almost that time of year when school is wrapping up and summer plans are being finalized. If you do not know what your kids are doing this summer you had better figure it out. Kids are signed up for camp or swim lessons.  Families go on vacation and people plan parties for the holidays. It is all takes so much planning for the summer we plan for all it all year round. We call camps and find the best price and maybe we have teenagers that need jobs.  It all comes down to planning and money. We want our kids to have the best summer possible. I know I look back to my summers and they were the best. I went on teen tours. worked at camps. had that summer romance and when it was all over I had the memories of a lifetime. We all want that for our kids . We want the best. If you are fortunate to give it than do it. It will be one that will last forever in their hearts. They may not know it now but when they do they will always look back and thank you for the best summer , Summer after Summer it gets better. It is what you make of it. what they make of it. It is that magical time of year where you are relaxed and having fun. It is all just the simple things in life. Good friends, and good fun is all it takes.  So ahead head to the beach, take your kids to camp, or get your teenager a job . Summer is coming so lets catch some fun.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Where are they now?

Ever have those past friends that you once knew that just disappeared from your life? Where did they go and why did they leave? It makes you wonder if you did something or if there life just took them in another direction.  You remember your friendship and realize maybe it was not that strong or important. It was just what I call a fair weather friend. We all have had them in our lives. As we get older we look for qualities in people that mean something to us.  I do not have to list them you already know them. If you are lucky enough to have found true friends than you are very blessed. We often hold our guard up when new ones come along. It is natural to be on guard if you have been hurt.  As they say life does go on and people do come and go and maybe those fair weather friends had their reasons  but you know in the future what to look for so in a way they taught us something who not to trust and who does not stick around.  We all have been through the friendship cycle and we all eventually find that true friend or friends. Carry on and be strong . Now onto the next life lesson.

Monkey wrench

We all have our routines and our schedules that make things easier for us. It is something to follow to make the day go easier. We do the same thing every day it is repetition. We know how to handle things that are a part of our routine. But what if our routine is interrupted and there is change? It is hard to deal with change we like the simplicity of our day and deal with things we are used to . The monkey in the wrench is a test to see if we can adjust and we can and we will . We always try and adjust to things work in our world. It may be difficult but over time we get used to it and soon that monkey in the wrench it a part of our routine and without even realizing it we have grown to accept it. We are always adjusting our lives for something it could be a newborn, a new job, a new puppy it is always something that may have bumps in the road but we accept the bumps and carry on.  We love our new adjustments we learn to understand that things happen sometimes we get bad news and need to adjust to that and process the information but no matter what we are strong and we will get through it. We are strong people and we have family and friends to help us so whatever the circumstance happy or sad we are here and we are blessed to be in the lives that we love.  Go ahead take that step and show them how strong you are. Now onto the next life lesson

The Life

None of us are born perfect I think in other blogs I have said there is no such thing.  So many of us have little problems and others have bigger fish to fry as they say. When I see kids with a severe handicap my heart goes out to them. I always say a prayer and I think about how difficult their lives must be. Some are severely autistic and others are severely handicapped. I wonder how the parents do it and how they feel. Of course they are sad and feel bad but like all parents they love their child.  My daughter has a friend who is in a wheelchair and she loves to play with her and hang out with her she has the biggest and kindest heart I have ever seen she knows she is different but to her she is the same . She sees only the little girl and the love that she gives.  This little girl needs our prayers  if you can spare a minute say a pray for her.  It is not easy I know I have a brother with severe special needs who lives in a group home. My parents suffered emotionally I saw it . It was painful and hard to deal with. We love my brother but my parents could not manage him for very long. It broke our hearts to put him in the home but it was the best place.  We complain about every day things but these kids need love, attention. special care, and prayers.  The simple things in life do not dawn upon these people  it is he road blocks and stress that invade their bodies and minds. It cannot be easy but somehow some way they are smiling and they find away because they find the good and comfort in our company and compassion.  They are just humans that are different and have more needs. They are people too with love to give and have good souls. Before you complain about a bad day or or your job, or your kids please remember these people and their daily life.  Count your blessings and know these people count on love and support just like us. Spread kindness and patience and see that the world can be a better place with love and understanding toward others.  Now onto the next life lesson.

The whole package

WOW! Last night I went to my first ever beauty pageant. It was at my daughters high school. There were 14 contestants and they were all beautiful, talented, and intelligent all very amazing gifts. I was so impressed by their talent and the way they carried themselves. They all had something to contribute. It was so nice to see girls come together as a unit and share the spotlight . They all were amazing and I could not pick just one. They all stood out in their own way. They each had their story and the cause they chose to represent. The dresses and the costumes were nothing less than professional and gorgeous. It was so nice to watch with my daughter. I enjoyed the time spent with her while watching her best buddy compete to be Miss (name of high school) I wish the girl that won all the luck in the world I hope all of these girls can make a difference in the world as I am sure they will. It is not all about beauty it is about believing,  sharing your dreams, and your talent. Always be the best you can be. They will all shine like stars. Now onto the next life lesson.

Bumps in the Road

We have all encountered bumps in the road throughout our lives. We have all hit them run over them and made it through with faith and determination.  We have hit some bumps in the road and it seems as though the bumps are going out of there way to hit us.   Even though I am probably exaggerating it seems like it just won’t end. I know they will but things weigh on my mind like boulders. I hope that things turn around soon. I think with a little faith, and guidance they will it just a matter of when.  It feels like forever but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray everyday and have faith it will turn around.  I believe good thing come to those who wait.  Prayer and faith never hurt anyone. We all need some faith at one point in our lives. I think with faith, determination, and a positive attitude we can conquer anything. Let’s see what we can do when we really have faith. Now onto the next life lesson.

Unhappily Anniversary

I haven’t really said much but I have hinted my mom is no longer with me. I will never forget this day. It was a Wednesday on April 19th to be exact. It doesn’t  matter if it was a week ago or 35 years ago my heart still has a missing piece. She wasn’t there for my transition from Elementary to Middle school or to high school or even to college. She wasn’t there to shop for my prom dress or my wedding dress. There has always been the emptiness and that missing piece throughout my life. She doesn’t know her grandchildren.  People say loved ones watch over you and maybe they do but sometimes I just do not feel that. People say that when you take your own life you are in purgatory. I hope she is at peace and with the angles maybe god made an exception. I hope I get some sign today that she has seen all of my life from the heavens above.  I live through her with my kids. I wish so much she could  have seen them and known them. She would be proud I know. I hope she is proud of me.  I have done what I could to make my life a happy one. There is still that missing part that cannot be filled by a mom but my kids are that one piece that bring the love and joy to my life. If you know how it feels to lose someone that you feel that missing part.  I hope today I get that sign that she is looking down and is proud.  Who knows maybe I will see something that reminds me of her. I will know you just know. Carry on with life they say carry on. Now onto the next life lesson.


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