None of us are born perfect I think in other blogs I have said there is no such thing.  So many of us have little problems and others have bigger fish to fry as they say. When I see kids with a severe handicap my heart goes out to them. I always say a prayer and I think about how difficult their lives must be. Some are severely autistic and others are severely handicapped. I wonder how the parents do it and how they feel. Of course they are sad and feel bad but like all parents they love their child.  My daughter has a friend who is in a wheelchair and she loves to play with her and hang out with her she has the biggest and kindest heart I have ever seen she knows she is different but to her she is the same . She sees only the little girl and the love that she gives.  This little girl needs our prayers  if you can spare a minute say a pray for her.  It is not easy I know I have a brother with severe special needs who lives in a group home. My parents suffered emotionally I saw it . It was painful and hard to deal with. We love my brother but my parents could not manage him for very long. It broke our hearts to put him in the home but it was the best place.  We complain about every day things but these kids need love, attention. special care, and prayers.  The simple things in life do not dawn upon these people  it is he road blocks and stress that invade their bodies and minds. It cannot be easy but somehow some way they are smiling and they find away because they find the good and comfort in our company and compassion.  They are just humans that are different and have more needs. They are people too with love to give and have good souls. Before you complain about a bad day or or your job, or your kids please remember these people and their daily life.  Count your blessings and know these people count on love and support just like us. Spread kindness and patience and see that the world can be a better place with love and understanding toward others.  Now onto the next life lesson.