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Rain or shine you will be there

What is about Disney that people go whether it is raining or the sun is out? Do not get me wrong it is fun but at times overwhelming, aggravating, and let’s not forget expensive you minus well walk in and hand in your wallet. I am not trying to sound negative but it is true. What is the fascination of standing in line for two hours to go on a ride for a minute and a half?  I do have to say after years of not going and going back we have mastered the parks . We know the ins and outs and can get there at 9 in the morning and leave by three and have at least 7 or 8 rides done. The secret is the fast pass and knowing the layout of the park. You can do the rides in order of the area of the park you plan to be at.  You can either Uber or take the bus. You can drive and come and go as you please.  If you have an annual pass some places give you a 20% discount on merchandise or you if you are really on a budget you can brave the local Walmart and find the exact same items for half of the price.  So Disney fans are you ready to plan your next trip ? It is fun time and you can get in and out quickly if you have your own schedule and plan of action for that day. Definitely download the app and pick your fast passes right away if you are staying on property they let you book it two months in advance if not it is one month in advance.  Disney is fun and you can do it on a budget. So come on down and say hello to Mickey and friends. Now onto the next life lesson.

Who knew

Who knew a simple hello could lead to such pleasant conversation. Today we were in Disney and we visited Hollywood Studios (I still call it MGM) Ha Ha. Well, we were sitting at the table at one of more casual dining restaurants and I politely asked Mike, if he could clean the table off. We started to chat and he agreed when I said,”I like to sit at a clean table and besides it will be clean for the next person.  I asked him if he was from  where is name tag said he said, yes but now he lives in Orlando and just graduated college with a major in journalism. I shared with him I was an author and a blogger. He genuinely seemed interested and I was happy just to tell someone about my writing and we wished each other good luck. Nice to know there are still intelligent and polite people out there. I hope he finds his dream. So to Mike who did a simple act of kindness, thank you and I wish all the best. If you are fortunate enough to chat with someone face to face give yourself a pat on the back. I hope to have more pleasant conversations you never know who you will meet or what you might learn.  Now onto the next life lesson.

My blog

I have had this blog since February and this is my 114th blog. I wonder how long it will take for  it to catch on?  I wonder how many read it? I have written about so many things and I have enjoyed it. It is my therapy and my down time. I love to write and use my imagination. I love to create characters and stories within the story.  Speaking of creating  I am working on my novel titled SOMEDAY.  It s just the rough draft for now and it is currently being edited.  I am really excited about it and I hope people read it and get the word out about it. It is a  about a woman who is an author and her book becomes a movie.  She tells the most amazing love story about two people who knew each other as teenagers lost touch and then reconnect.  I really enjoyed writing it.  I have advertised it on social media and I have written about it here. Who knows it could fall into the right hands and be a real success or it could end up in the trash? There are risks but I am willing to take them.  You never know unless you try.  If you do not make it happen you will never know of your success.  Dr. Seuss got turned down a lot before he was a hit. Google his story it is very interesting.  Either way, I have many ideas and stories for the future who knows I could write about you! Now onto the next life lesson.

Family Time

Every once in awhile it is nice to relax and not have to be looking at the clock. The summer is here and school is out and now it is time for that summer fun we have been longing for all year.  We spend time with family, go on vacation, maybe plan a party or go to one either way there is always something fun to do with your family friends. There is something about that summer air and the time you spend laughing, talking and just simply kicking back. It is time you cannot get back and memories you will have for a lifetime.  So put away they phone maybe get out the camera and take pictures and make an album like back in the day. Share and treasure those moments and  weeks or months later you pull it out and you look at all the memories you have made.  It is time you cannot get back, time you treasure and will always look back and smile.  So here’s to summer fun and time with family and friends. Make it count and  make it memorable.  Now onto the next life lesson

The American Tradition

So it is officially summer. Memorial Day weekend is happening. Last night neighbors gathered around and ate, drank, and talked to each other. No phones, no postings, just a simple pot luck and friendly faces.  Now it wasn’t packed but it was a good crowd. The usual suspects were out of town but we still had fun.  It was nice just to sit and chat and know that school was over and my routine was put to rest til August. The summer routine was a lot less stressful. Both of the kids have their summer plans and all is well for the summer. I just need one more prayer and the then my life is complete. So pray warriors out there lets get the knee pads out and start kneeling.  Oh, and the kids had a blast last night too. It was old fashion fun like before technology.  I even got out there and socialized. I had a good time and I enjoyed myself.  I was invited and I went. That is how I raised if you are not asked you do not go if you are asked then you go. You bring something you say hello, please and thank you all things I have taught my kids.  Here they say all are welcome but if I am not asked than I don’t like to walk in the middle. I feel I have interrupted something.  I want to be there from the beginning I want to know I am welcome. It is nice to be asked to know that someone thought of you . That you were on their mind. A simple hey, come on over is all it takes for me.  An invite means so much more than watching the fun from a distance. You feel left out and wonder how did everyone know? I didn’t get the memo but that’s okay I know when I am welcome and when I am feeling welcome. Enjoy the simple things and the kick off of another great summer. Now onto the next life lesson.

Nothing goes as planned

There is always some surprise in life that just happens. It it not planned it just appears out of nowhere. It is that one thing that could ruin a whole day or that one thing that can save you. I think when we get saved we have that guardian angel watching over us. When its bad maybe they are sleeping on the job. I am not sure but the element of surprise always scares me. You never know what is on the other side.  Sometimes unplanned things turn out to be the best things. It is all about the universe I guess.  Maybe we need to learn from these things. We can never learn to much.  You can plan something and something may go wrong but you always have a plan B. That is life that is how it works. Let the party go on and let the fun begin even if there maybe a few surprises in store. Now onto the next life lesson.

Compliments, Beauty, and Wholesomeness Where did it go?

Do you often give compliments? Do you accept compliments? Do you say oh no I look gross or do you simply say, thank you? Which is it? I hope you say thank you and accept it because that person went out of their way to say they like what you are wearing.  Most people like compliments.  It makes us feel good and we wear that item more often because it makes us happy. Saying thank you goes along way. Either my mail or in person. Maybe you had a party and someone paid you a compliment on the food and decor. They said thank you or you got a thank you card in the mail. It made you feel special like you did something great and they took time to let you know.  If people complimented more and said, thank you this world would be a better place.  There is so much anger and hatred people have forgotten the good and the beauty of things around them.  I think the 50’s era was  wholesome and people made pot roasts and had family dinners. Neighbors talked to each other and kids  played with each other outside. What happened to all of that? Now we have violent video games kids hanging our unsupervised and no one is making an effort.  I do not allow video games in my home and that is my preference  Go play outside and find something beautiful to compliment. Say thank you and take time out to say hello to a neighbor . Pay them a compliment on their house or lawn.  Where is the wholesomeness? We need some feel goods again. We need that era back from history.  Try it a simple hello, thank you or I love your purse.  Good words make us feel good.  Do it with kindness and class. Now onto the next life lesson.

Fact vs Fiction

You cannot always believe everything you see or read.  There are some truths to certain stories but usually people love to make things up for their own gain.  Why is that? Whatever happened to the truth shall set you free? I want to get right to it. I did not want it all this fluff. I want the truth. I want to know facts and see and hear what I know to be true. Once it is out that is it there is no turning back BUT you have to feel relieved when the truth is revealed.  You see it everywhere lies. crazy stories,  television shows that are far fetched, so many things that rot our brain.  Why can’t it be simple? Why is everything over dramatized? What have we become as a society? Are we brain rotters? Are we thinking or is it done for us?  I like it simple. I do not need any drama, sensationalism or anything else. Just give it to be straight.  One of the many reasons I do not like award shows not only are they to political it takes to long.   I just want to know who won!  As I always say KISS Keep it simple stupid. A term I learned in journalism class.   Get to the point. no fluff, just say it.  Let’s start reading , or and here is a new one lets talk to each other and put our phones down. Growing up there were no cell phones or texting. We talked to each other and we spent time together. Everyone so busy running around, missing out instead were caught up in the latest scandal or the new fad? When will it just be simple again?  Now onto the next life lesson.


What are your favorite things? What do you love to do, or eat ? What is your absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world? What makes you happy? Is it one thing more than one thing? Do you like to travel the world? Are you simple and just love a hot cup of coffee?  I have a lot of favorites I love having more than one because I love so many things. None are really extravagant they are simple. They are just things for me to enjoy that I love.  That is what is having a favorite things is all about. You have something that you love.  It could be anything but you love it and that is whats important. Maybe you love to watch old movies, maybe you love to draw or write. maybe you love to sing or dance.  What ever it is it is your favorite. Enjoy it and love it. Make more favorites life is short.  Love what you do !  Now onto the next life lesson.

Classy or Sassy

Are you classy or sassy? Do you immediately say something if someone says something to offend you or do you respond with class? Think about it? Are you the type to get angry or respond in kind?  I just read Candace Cameron Bure  new book, Kind is the new Classy. I loved it and it made me think how to respond to criticism or someone who is just being rude. There is a difference and people can be both or one or the other.  It takes a lot of class to let things go. If we say something to defend ourselves than is that considered unkind? I think it depends on the situation.  I admire the people that chose to respond in kind. I do not know how they do it. They just have that class about them.  Maybe for the next time you respond in kind and not stoop to their level.  There are many different situations that come up in life however. it is up to YOU how you respond.  Take some time and really think are you classy or sassy? Now onto the next life lesson.

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