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Hello, God it’s me!

God ! How often do we thank god ? It is so nice to know that God is good and watching over us. I believe in God. I pray to him and I talk to him. It helps me get through the rough patches.  Sometimes I wonder if he listening.  I have been praying for something for awhile and nothing. I guess I have to patient. I know there are people that really need him. I guess i just want answer.  A glimmer of hope would be nice. Anything to let me know everything will be okay.  I know it will it is just taking so long.  What are your prayers? Who do you pray for ? Recently I went to a Christening. We were in church and I heard a wonderful story about this camp for special needs kids. A friend of mine son goes there.  I thought about him and said a prayer for him.  I also thought about my life and my kids and said a prayer for us. I pray for others first and then myself. I am not  a church goer because I am not catholic. This will never stop me from praying or believing. Do you believe in God?  It is your choice.  I know many who do . I like that. I have faith and I believe. I hope it is enough. I pray for you and your family as well. Thank you for reading my blog today. Oh, and thank you god! Now onto the next life lesson.

The Many faces

Through out our lives we come across many faces.  We know some of the them. They are our family and friends. Others are strangers we see day to day. Always a different face never the same.  We look around and we see all types of people.  Can you identify each person? Do you know where you saw them? Do you recall how you met? Would you introduce yourself to a stranger?  Are you an extrovert or an introvert?  Do you just pop in on your family friends? Do you wait for an invite?  How do you make friends? Who have you known the longest? Who do you trust the most? So many questions to such a broad saying “The Many faces” After a while you feel like everyone looks the same. What do you do for a living? Do you talk to people? Do you help people? Do you sit in a room crunching numbers? Whatever you do I hope you are happy and healthy. We may change our career mid way through our lives and say “I have had enough” I have always wanted to ____ You fill in the blank. I know I want to write and that is my passion. I sit here every day and think of blogs for you to read. I love it ! I know what I want. I am excited for my book ! I cannot imagine not writing! What is your passion? Leave me a comment.  Thank you and please like and share my Facebook page. Ever mindful mom. Now onto the next life lesson.

Special Summers

The summer is ending and school will begin soon. It has been a busy summer. The kids had a lot of fun. My oldest daughter got some retail experience and my younger one continued Art.  We took a trip to see family and friends. It was nice and now I think I am ready for the school year. It will probably go by really fast and then I will know how fast time really does go by. It feels like yesterday my youngest was born and I was so excited to have two little girls,  Time waits for no one. Do you feel that way? Do you have kids that are grown? Are they still little and you think you have plenty of time. I wish it would slow down. I am scared of letting them go and moving on.  They are my life and I have always been there for them. Anyone else have those fears? Do they heal? Do they go away? I know my kids are on the spectrum which makes it even more scary. I hope and pray for them every day.  I do not want anyone to see their label. See their ABLE!!!

As a matter of fact I just watched a documentary on the Special Olympics started by Eunice Kennedy Shriber. What a great lady! ( I do not care what political party she stood for) She put that all aside and helped these kids. She created the camp for these kids.  I wish there were more like her.  So today I dedicate this blog to ALL  special needs kids and their parents.  And of course to you Eunice! Thank you !  She had the money and she made a difference! Thank you to all who do that! #makeadifference!  Now onto the next life lesson.

Going Somewhere

Do you travel a lot?  Do you love to fly? So many people travel a day. I think the airport is the busiest place.  People have to get some where at a certain time and they depend on the airline to do it.  It is a haul just getting to the airport. You have to check in go through the screening and then you grab your carry on to catch your flight.  You wait to board the plane. When you finally do you are in a seat smaller than a toilet. This is crazy ! You spend so much money to fly you should be sitting in a lazy boy.  Either way you have to get to your destination. People fly for business and for pleasure.  The airport is always crowded and by the time you get to your destination you are exhausted. Maybe their is a time change? How do you travel? I have not been on  a plane since 2004.  My youngest has never been on plane.  How many times have you flown?  Are you a frequent flyer? I am writing this blog today because my best  friend and her daughter are flying today.  Safe travels to them today.  If you are reading this in the airport text me when you land.  No matter what the airline keeps on going and flights keep going up. Welcome to flying! I want to get there but it is such a hassle to fly. Where ever we go we drive. I am comfortable and I have my car. What is your preferred way of travel?  Do you like to fly? When is the last time your flew? Is it a lot different since 9/11?  I think the Wright brothers meant well do you? If you do not know who they are google them and shame on you, you should. Well safe travels out there if you are going somewhere. If not wish someone a safe flight.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Make Overs

I have always love to see something created from top to bottom. I have always enjoyed watching homes get renovated . I love to see the before and after. Whether it is a person changing their way of life or a home being renovated. I love to see the outcome.  I want to know the story.  How it began and how it will end. What is your make over story? Do you have one?  Are you ready to  change something? Maybe you want to re do your bathroom or your kitchen.  You have worked hard and now you want to enjoy it.  I love to see beautiful things. I love to know that someone or something worked hard and the fruits of their labor has paid off. For example I have this close friend that is beautiful inside and out. She has completely changed her life style. She eats healthy she goes to the gym and she has the results to show for it. She has worked hard . She walks with confidence.  I am so proud of her. I am taking small steps to make myself feel better.  I want to walk around with that confidence. I can and I will.   Some of us have to work on the inside before the outside. It will happen because you want it to.  Go for it ! YOU can do it! Now onto the next life lesson.

Obstacles and Struggles

We all have them struggles and obstacles. I wish we could avoid them but they are here. We can make the most of it and tackle one thing at a time.  The struggles are real and the pain is real. The unbearable lingering struggles that seem to stick around for way to long. You are strong and you will get through it. Sometimes our anger can over power us and we say or do things we may regret.  We feel we have no control.  Then everything seems to be spiraling of control.  Eventually, we come to our senses once the wounds have healed. We should always take a deep breath in difficult situations . It is not always easy when we are not thinking clearly. All in all things work out.  It feels like it takes forever but it does.  Then the storm has passed and the sun comes out again. We feel like a big weight has been lifted and once again we are ready for what tomorrow brings. Now onto the next life lesson.

Faith and Prayers

First  thing we need in life is to have faith. If we do not have faith in ourselves we are not off to a good start.  We also need prayers for people in need. We need to give back and be grateful for what we have.  No matter what the circumstances you can only go up.  Believe in yourself and you will get to your point of success. We need a little patience, faith and of course prayer. I have never been religious . I do believe in god.  Over the years I find myself praying more and more.  I hope God is listening because we all need something.  If one door doesn’t open than it is not your door. Try another door until it opens.  Do not ever lose faith.  Be positive and good things will happen.  We should  spread kindness and live life to the fullest. As I always say stay fabulous and kind.  We need to restore America’s faith that this country will bounce back from the past.  I believe it will because I have faith.  I could use a little prayer . If you are reading this just give god a  little note for me.  Thank you in advance.  Do not lose faith and continue to BELIEVE!

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Listen and Silent have the same letters

Sometimes in life we need to be silent and just listen. We need to really understand important things that come up. We need to respect those speaking and listen with all our ears.  If we miss something important we may have to pay a heavy price.  It is so important to listen to be heard than to listen and just respond. If we do not hear what the person says than we doing ourselves a disservice.  We need to pay attention more and focus .  We want to be successful and follow our dreams. We all have dreams. We may not say them out loud but we have them.  Listen and Silent go hand in hand.  Two very important words in the English language.  Remember to listen with your ears and your heart.  Be silent when it is important. You always want all the information.  After all silence is golden.  Respect your friends, co workers. and family. Follow the golden rule. Remember what you learned in kindergarten and pass it a long. I think we need to start doing that.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Your comments mean so much.  Keep it up. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Angels

The people in your life come and go. People move away or relationships just  fade away. I believe certain people come into your life for a reason. Whatever that reason they are there and then it is there time to go,  For instance when I first moved here I met this mom at a parade at the school. We had so much in common.  One very unusual thing in common we both carriers to the same genetic gene.  It is hard to explain but she came in to my life for a reason. As my luck would have it she moved away back to Iowa but before she left she connected me with one of her friends she knew I would get a long with.  As luck would have it we did.  I think her purpose was to be my friend angel. I needed to meet people that I could relate to and POOF there she was. I miss her terribly but we do keep in touch.  Maybe some day the three of us can get together and spend a weekend together.  Either way, that was her reason for coming into my life. The other friend it is simple she a connection I have to special needs both are kids are on the spectrum.   All of our kids are doing fantastic what a great support system.   Finally, there is two other friends that came into my life to fight for our kids. Our kids had  a teacher that simply did not do her job we banded together and now she is gone to another school.  I think their purpose was to work as a team and support each other.  Last there is one more this mom and her daughter came into my life for my daughter, My daughter helps her daughter in school and loves to be a helper.  She came into my life so that we can help each other and learn from one another.  Either way all of these people came into my life to be my angels is some way, We have the angel of friendship, the connection angel, the teamwork angels, and the helping angel. Thanks to all of my angels my life is complete. I have my family,  my health and ALL of my angels. Now onto the the next life lesson.

Sweet Dreams?

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? Last night I had a very strange dream and it did not make much sense.  It was both good and bad. I had a good night sleep and my dream seemed to last for hours and hours. Part of my dream I got a kiss on the cheek from a whale and I got to pet him. I was indoors though so that was weird.  Dreams can be scary and seem so real. My dream had so many people and situations it was very hard to understand it.  Do you remember your dreams? Are they scary? What do you dream each night? I love to remember my dreams. They stick in my head for a long time. I remember dreams from a long time ago. I have not dreamed about my mom I wish I had. I would tell her so much.  This is one person I wish could be in my dreams.  Maybe one day she will. Either way dreams are telling us something about our lives. They are giving us clues in our sub conscious.  I am gong to tell my dream to someone who can interpret it.  Either way I am curious to know what it all means.  Can you interpret your dreams?  For now keep dreaming and sleep well at night. Sweet Dreams everyone. Now onto the next life lesson.

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