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Your tool box

We all  need tools in life. I don’t  only mean a wrench or a hammer. I mean life tools. We need something to help us become who we are. We need guidance, motivation, drive, and ambition. We also need direction. Where are we going? What”tools do we need to be successful? We need confidence, technology, and most of all the training and the knowledge learned.  If we do not have any tools than how will we thrive? What will become of you? Would you get desperate? Would you commit a crime? Or would you  put all of that aside and find away to get what you want the right way? We all have all struggled and we have come back.  Listen to the ones that are truly successful. Listen to the ones that have made it on their own and have paid their dues. You do not just wake up and all of the sudden you are successful. You have to pay your dues, start from the bottom, and earn your way up the earning ladder.  All you need is your tool box. What you want to do depends on  what is in your tool box. You have decided what you want to do . Maybe you want to learn a trade. Maybe you want to go to college. Someone once told me success has many different phases.  It is up to YOU to decide. No one else.  We have fantastic opportunities in this great country.  What are you waiting for go get it! Now onto the nice life lesson.

Brotherly Love

Yesterday I wrote about my older brother Douglas and his challenges. Today I have decided to write about my oldest brother. Steven is one of a kind. He is brilliant, animal lover, husband,  and father.  Steven made it his mission to be the BEST! There is nothing wrong with that.  Steven is a very hard worker and he is devoted to his career.  He is a wildlife veterinarian.  He has traveled the world saving animals. He would prefer to have a giraffe for a sister than me.  He was not a very good brother. Sorry but that is the truth.  He is much older than me and was always busy traveling. and making a life for himself. I understand what he was doing but not at the expense of not being a good brother. I think honestly he separated himself from us because he was so angry that my brother could not be the brother he wanted him to be. I am sorry you need to talk to god about that.  I have mentioned my mom in other blogs, Steven and my mom never saw eye to eye.  Growing up in my house was not fun.  I really had no one. I guess that is why I began to write and create characters. I think that is my mission in life. It took me a very long time to realize it  that this is what I was meant to do. Do not get wrong I wish my brother all the best I just wish he was a better brother to me.  He may not know it but despite everything I am very proud of him.  If you have a sibling do not waste anytime tell them you love them and that you are proud. Even though he has never said that to me I can be the better person and say it in my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Douglas’s story

Douglas is my older brother. He is severely intellectually disabled.  Back in the day they said MR which is mentally retarded. I hate those two words and I am glad we do not say them anymore. My brother lives in a group home.  He has done that for most of his teen into adult life.  I am more like the older sister than the younger sister. I love my brother very much.  Back in the 60’s they had no idea why he was born like this. Why did God chose this life for my brother? I ask myself that all the time. I do not have the answers. Douglas is very skinny he has a long gated face and he is what is called Fragile X. Two more words I hate.  I do not talk about it much because it hurts me.  Due to a whole family genetic history that was his fate, My fate was to be a carrier to this and so were my kids. By some miracle I was able to get through life okay. I was determined to beat any odds. I was determined to prove any one wrong that crossed me or did not believe that I could do something.  I have an Aunt that I refuse to talk to because she would NOT leave me alone about having kids and mentioning my situation every five seconds.  Needless to say we will never speak again.  No one tells me what to do with my life . If you heard what she said you might agree.  Basically telling me not to have kids. Well lady think again! I love my kids! Do we have challenges?Yes. Do we get through them? Yes. They are who they are because of ME!!! I have done everything in my power to make them feel accepted and  successful.  I put in the time and effort.  This is my job as mom . I will never change or give up. Now onto the next life lesson.

Following Directions

Is is that easy to follow directions? I mean if you are a parent how many times do you have to tell your kid to do something?  I bet it is more than a 1,000 times. When you read  a recipe you have to follow directions. Some of us like to make things up as we go along.  You have to follow directions quite a bit in life.  When you take a test you need to read ALL the directions to take the test. How about when you are driving ? You need directions if you do not know where you are going. You will get lost if you do not follow directions. You will fail a test if you do  not read the directions. What I am saying is ALWAYS read the directions and you should be just fine.  If no one followed directions there would be chaos.  If there is anything that I have learned in life is always be prepared and always read directions.  We all need to know what to do and where to go. Now onto the next life lesson.

The things we learn and the knowledge we gain

We learn something new everyday.  We always learning new things. We learn about people, places and things. We learn all sorts of facts. We learn about others and ourselves. We learn about behaviors and beliefs.  There is always an opportunity to learn. No matter who we are we can learn. There is no reason to shut your mind off. As long as you are living and breathing you can learn.  Reading is a great resource of knowledge.  You can learn by traveling to other places and learn about another culture and their beliefs. You can even travel throughout the US and learn about the national parks. Which are so beautiful . If you ever have chance to travel see the US first than go abroad.  It is so nice to see new things and learn about them.  The museums in Washington are free.  If you are kids want to learn about American history it is perfect. Even Disney has places to learn such as the American Adventure and the Hall of Presidents.   All wonderful resources to learn from .  I say always be open to learn. Now onto the next life lesson.

Just like you

We say everyone has a twin somewhere. Someone that looks just like you. They are not you but they resemble you. It happens you see someone that reminds you of someone, You start to think about that person. Maybe you have fond memories of them.  Having a twin must be fun. There is only ONE YOU! Do not forget that. Somewhere out there someone does look like you. Either way, you are own person and that person is a completely different person.  You have your own identity.  Even  though someone may have the same face they are not you. You are unique. Just be you and love yourself! Now onto the next life lesson.

Back of the Book

Kate was only a teenager when she met Jack.  Years separated them. They married other people. Kate , a successful writer escapes on a long over due vacation. She walks through the lobby and their eyes met. “Jack, is that you?” After all of these years they meet again. Is this fate?  Could this be their second chance at love?  Kate’s book  is now going to be made into a  movie. Jack is an investor in real estate.  There are so many things yet to uncover. Will they give their love another try? Are Jack and Kate finally meant to be? You will have to wait and see.  Now onto the next life lesson.  Thank you !

Thank you, I believe!

Today I am taking the time out to thank everyone who reads my blog. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. I am grateful I am able to do this blog. I love to write. I love that I can put my creative side to paper. I love that I can share my ideas and thoughts with you .  No matter what career path you have chosen I hope you love what you do. If you do not love what you do than change it. Find your passion and go for it. Discover new passions if you have to . Find what works for you.  You have that opportunity in this country. We  are blessed to be Americans and live in the greatest country in the world.  God bless America. I am grateful for my gift to write. I can actually say that with confidence. No one can take that away from me. You may have your own opinion but this my dream. Do not pay attention to the dream crushers. They just want to steal your dream or cut you down.  To those that do not believe to bad for them! To those that verbally abuse others STOP! To those that have no faith walk away from those people.  To those that NEVER believed in me YOU WERE WRONG! I CAN do it and I will do it!   To those that believe in me thank you!  I believe in you too! Now onto the next life lesson.


If you cannot laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Life is funny sometimes and we have to take a moment to laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine. I hear that a lot. I bet it is. I think the more you laugh the less pain you feel.  Your soul is breathing and feeling free while you laugh. There is no better feeling than laughing out loud. Take a few minutes a day and laugh. I bet you live longer the more you laugh. I love to laugh. I laugh with my best friend all the time. I wish she was closer so we can laugh together. I love to laugh and you should to. It is an amazing feeling to feel laughter in your body.  People are always in a hurry they do not make time to laugh. I am giving you my fans an assignment to take time to laugh today. Let me know how it goes, Now onto the next life lesson. LOL

Where are you from?

Where are you from? Where is the first place lived? Maybe it is the only place you lived. Maybe you do not know how it is anywhere else. I thought that was going to be me. I thought where I was from I would stay .  Then as I got older I thought maybe where I go to college I will end up living.  A part of me wish I had. I knew so many great people back home and in college.  I got married we left the area which brought us to a warmer climate.  Do I like it? Is it home? Yes, I finally do like it out of all the places we lived in this warmer climate.  This area there is just something about it . It reminds  me of where I am from.  I think it is the fact that all the kids play outside. They did when I grew up. All the parents talk and hang out.  There are even a few that remind me of the ones I grew up with.  Where are you living? Did you leave your area? Are you happy where you are?  Are you out of your comfort zone?  Have you settled in somewhere?  All very important questions. I think the most important one is Are you happy? You can live anywhere and still be unhappy.  Happiness is so important.  If you are happy than I am glad if you are not I hope you find it.   Home is where the heart is.  Find your happy home.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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