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Depending on where you are from you have an expression. It is funny how different expressions tend to be in certain places.  Some expressions are silly and some are meaningful. I like both if you ask me. Some expressions are for certain people.  We all have them and we all laugh when we hear the funny ones.  For example, everything happens for a reason, fair-weather friends, and get out with the old in with the new.  We are prone to these expressions they are apart of our daily lives. Where are you from? What expressions do you use? I like some of the Italian expressions I learned from my late mother in law.  I cannot say them on here.  It is funny how we gravitate to certain expressions and places. They have expressions everywhere no matter where you go and where you are from.  What are your expressions? I would love to know. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Good People You know

We know all kinds of people. We have all kinds of friends. Some are more loyal than others . While some you can trust more than others.  There is always that few that stick together and eventually single you out.  Your group is now smaller. Maybe less is more.  The friends you once had are fewer and fewer.  Until it is just you and one other.  You wonder what did I do? Is it my fault?  Do you have a big group of friends? Are you always having parties and going out? Is your life slowing down? It is a fact that friends do drift apart.  Eventually people just find others like them. You will find others like you.  Find people that have stuff in common with you. People that you feel comfortable with.   When you do find your people they will be the good people.  It’s not that the others weren’t good it is that they were the  people you had in your life for that time.  Eventually everything falls in to place. Now onto the next life lesson.

Different Hats

We all wear different hats every day of our lives. We are Mom’s or Dad’s.  Professional people. Daughters, Sons, and Parents.  We have a lot of responsibilities.  We have many jobs to do in life.  It is a lot of work for one person. It is joyful and painful at times. It is rewarding and frustrating. However. it is all worth it.  You have worked hard your whole life and then it is time for you.  You have time to do the things you have always wanted to do.  You have worn  all of the hats. You still wear the parent one, the daughter or son one. You will always belong to someone in some way.  It is nice to know that family is around.  You could have some one in your life that is not blood related but that you consider family.  If you have one or two true friends in life consider yourself very lucky. People come and go and let you down .  You will never get tired of wearing those hats.  Those hats belong to you and one day you will pass down those hats to your children and they will wear many hats.   Life those hats will carry on and live. Make every hat your own. Pass it on with a story. Hats off to you! Now onto the next life lesson.

True Friends

What is that saying Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words. If there is one thing I have learned in life it is all of those things.  Growing up I never fit in. I did always have that one true friend. Sure people come and go but true friends stand by you.  They are one in a million. It is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.  When you do find that friend hold onto them because they are worth more than gold. I have learned the signs of someone untrustworthy after all of these years. I sense when I do not fit in.  I was almost blind sided recently.  I say almost but I caught on to the clues. I put everything together and then my suspicions were confirmed. It hurt like getting shot. I am tired of being treated like this. I am tired of always being the one excluded. I thought I had friends I thought a lot of things and instead I got a wake up call. So from now on I will concentrate on the good things. The people that care about me. I will move forward and not look in the rear view mirror. It will be hard. I like to think I am a good person.  I will be even more guarded.  I have no choice. It is how it has to be.  Now onto the next life lesson.

A few of my favorite things!

What is your favorite? We all have favorites. We have favorite colors. foods. places to visit, flowers, and many more favorites. I have many favorites. I love the colors pink and lavender, I love chicken cutlets. I love broccoli with oil and garlic, I love chocolate.  Those are a lot of favorites. Do you have a lot of favorites? Or just one favorite thing? Oh and of course there is favorite movies. You can divide those into categories and have several favorites.  It is all about what you like and what you choose.  We all have different taste. What appeals to us may not appeal to others.  I love all of m y favorites I just cannot have one.  What do you like? What are your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know. You must have a favorite in something. Think about it and maybe we like the same things. Either way It is interesting to know what people chose as their favorites. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is your language?

What language do you speak? Do you speak multiple languages?  Are you bi lingual? Are you verbal? Do you communicate with sign language?  There are so many ways to communicate.  Not of all of us speak the same language. Our friends we talk to speak the same language. What if someone was different and communicated differently? What if they were non verbal? How would you communicate with them? How would anyone understand them unless we learned to  speak like them. I think it is important to learn English if you live in the United States.  it benefits everyone and it is free they have classes to teach you.  I know many people who came here and did not speak a word of English and they learned.  I am all for learning many languages. There are so many beautiful languages.  One thing I should say is that people with special needs do not always communicate like the neuro typical person. I am willing to learn to help these people.  We have a gift we can speak and we can learn other languages. What if you couldn’t? We all have gifts. God is good to us. I believe that.  People turn a blind eye if it is not their problem. No one wants to deal with anything if it does not have something to do with their life. Why hide? Why not learn and get to know other people? Why not get involved you never know when you might need to know something about others.  Go take a chance and learn. You could make a friend for life. Now onto the next life lesson.

Time Out

Every once in awhile we all need a time out.  A time where you just sit and breath. Maybe it is a sports time out and they need to figure out if the ball was in or out. Our kids get time out when they misbehave.  They did when they were little.  We all need time to just be out. We all need that quiet so we can readjust to the situation.   A time out is crucial when you are overwhelmed.  It is not a bad thing it just time out to reflect or just sit in quiet.  Do you like quiet? Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed? I know I do. Recently. I was told to let go and  I was wound so tightly. Maybe I need more time outs. It is true I am very routine oriented and I have a fear of letting go. If I do than I will mess up. If I stay guarded then I am safe. I feel like I  cannot let go. Maybe time outs would help.  We all need time out to think. We are human and we all get stressed. It is okay everything will work out. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is your fashion?

Are you causal, trendy, athletic. or simply your own style? Do you read fashion magazines? Are you a fashion rule follower? No white after labor day?  I admit I follow some . I am comfortable I wear what I like. I do like pretty clothes but I also want to be comfortable. So where do I fit in? A simple question I have been asking myself for years. Not just about fashion but about just fitting in.  Are you a purse or shoe girl or both? I am a purse girl with a splash of shoe.  I admit I love my slippers but I will never turn down new shoes.  Again, I am comfortable but I do like to look nice and presentable.  What is your sense of style? Are you any of the above? Or are you vintage? Share your style.  Be unique create new ways of fashion. Go ahead I know you want to. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Unexpected

Sometimes the unexpected is good and other times it is not. Other times you do not know what to make of it.  I do not like the unexpected. I am a routine oriented person and I like my routine. I have my kids on a routine. People like us need routine. I know I am different and I know people can sense that about me.  I am exhausted sometimes. When something is unexpected I assume the worst. I have so much anxiety about the unexpected that I am tired. How can I change that? How do you feel about the unexpected?   Are you always prepared? How are others so calm? How come I feel this way?  I do not have all the answers. I can only hope for the best and be grateful for my life and the people I love.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Giving Thanks

I want to thank all of those who take time out to read my blog. Whether you read on they way to work, at night before bed, in the morning with your coffee. You make the time to read it. I read all the comments and I appreciate it them all.  Without my readers there would be no reason to write. Whether I have ten fans or ten million I want to thank you all. I hope to grow and have more and more people read my blog. I want people to read it and comment and let me know how I am doing.  I love to write and I love to create characters and stories for people like you to enjoy. I am still working on SOMEDAY.  It is almost ready. We are in the editing phase. I hope it is ready soon.  There is another project in the works.  I have to keep the creative juices flowing.  Please check out my Instagram and Facebook page.  Again, thank you all for your time and your thoughts. Have a blessed day. Now onto the next life lesson.

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